04. Wait for the right time!


Sometimes tracing the pace, breaks our harmony with the Nature. And haste takes away the charm and amazement. While living, waiting never means to be dormant or to be inert, but it’s about being tranquil and stable for sure.

What’s right time? Read about it today from the series Long live life.

When I look around, I find people running like crazy! Why?? For Money, Power, Position, Worldly desires, Knowledge and many more achievements. When they are asked what is the hurry for? The reply is we are running out of time… The life is too short… We are in a jet age so, have to trace the pace…


How can anybody tell about when is the time to leave?

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There are lots n lots of theories regarding Karma and all but as a non-enlightened common human being I can surely say that unless and until your purpose has been served, you are not gonna die. My rational friends may have made up their minds with the next arguments about life theories like working hard and following the dreams and achieving the goals.

But, I believe it’s just the trend of the day. Is that really we are here for? No.

Being successful is not the only purpose of life I think. The life has many wonders besides worldly attainments. If it’s about living a happy and a long life here, let life give a chance to unfold and show you how amazing it can be!!

When will you get to know??

If you intend to stay here for a longer span, living a gleeful life then, wait for your turn! In Hinduism, it’s believed that nothing comes to you before time! Everything comes to you as per the course it has to follow, neither earlier nor later! So, wait please!! Many a times, this waiting is misapprehended as an act of weak or lazy people. But let me tell you it takes a number of human virtues to learn waiting.

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Waiting for your turn tests many of your inherent qualities like patience, determination, faith, courage, self-discipline, enthusiasm and consideration.

If you think waiting as indolence or reverie then, you need to start learning alphabets first; learning about life is not your cup of tea yet!!

Another thing we need to consider is not everything can be in order all the time. There are phases where we get failure and frustration. Life itself deteriorates our plans at times. That’s the way life is! Most of us have faced times when we feel so crippled that we can’t change a single thing happening around. Witnessing remains the only choice. In such times, hold the heart with all the courage and wait for the time to pass! Those will be a few moments in the course of life, not the whole life. One of my teachers used to ask about what we should do when an airplane passes roaring overhead. Should we try for a louder clamor or just sit calmly to let the airplane pass? All of you know the answer…
One more thing I want to point is curiosity is good but when it becomes an obsession, it starts consuming you. Today due to technological revolution, each moment available for living is flooded with information. Hunger for knowledge is great and totally a human thing but it’s not easy to be an erudite. Everything great needs and takes time. (Even life takes long nine months to transform itself!)But in this informational influx there’s no space for knowledge! And we merely are becoming a storage box of information regardless of its authenticity. This leads to some undivulged competition resulting into consumption of your energy and time both, i.e. YOU!

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The most miserable thing about it is the person being consumed hardly gets to know it. This contest may deprive you of some rarest of the rare experiences just meant for you. We need to wait to feel that awe and give a piece of our time to let it happen. Many a times rush messes the charm. Don’t confuse waiting with dormancy but you can earn other experiences while waiting to be amazed. I read this somewhere, “Keep a quiet heart and sit like a tortoise! This totally defines what waiting exactly means. Meanwhile, “Do what you are supposed to do!”

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This we have discussed about how waiting works with purpose of life but I do have something more to tell that waiting can be the greatest remedy for a contended life too.


When one waits before speaking, many conflicts can be adjourned.

And in case of the community of the ignoramus, the world can be saved!! Every time it’s not required to fill in the blanks others have left while communicating. Speaking definitely is an ability but if not knowing what to say it becomes a curse for you as well as the others. The next idea I believe in is if one waits before reacting and takes a few breaths thinking about the importance and necessity of his reaction, the person may be nominated for the next Noble prize! Untimely reactions cause more damage than any natural disaster can ever do. So, to add to the world peace, we need to WAIT!! Also waiting before judging someone can help you have least grudges and gives your mind a break so that you can add a few more years to your precious life.

A loaded mind along with a heavy heart helps you meet your death deities without prior appointment! And the most important thing I have to add is one ought to wait before quitting. We are human beings and live life on the trial and error bases. If one tries there are possibilities to fail and the capable ones get more tests that we all know. So, if you are listed as the potential one, get ready for more trials. Keep trying is the only thing in our control. If you know the purpose of your life, you’re fortunate enough to have a direction to work in.

But if not then, working purposelessly might make you feel disheartened sometimes but my friend, give waiting for a while a chance before you quit for the life always has a blueprint for all of us. Just wait until it unfurls!! Waiting for the right time brings us tranquility and stability. This may help to realize what we are and what exactly we are here for else whatever is meant for you will definitely reach you in time!

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