Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | September 2018 | Week 01

Written by Swati Joshi

September 1, 2018

Dear alcohol, In India, a few pints of you in n Shakespeare becomes our great grandfather!
Dear you, Being called eccentric all the time? Tune out, they’re just the people unable to handle your charm!
Dear men, Do you believe in following in someone’s footsteps?Let me remind you, we are not spelled as Q-U-A-D-R-U-P-E-D but H-U-M-A-N!
Dear self, Cellulose and idiocy can neither be digested nor be avoided so, just acclimatize!
Dear people, If you must have to choose between two evils; pick the devil n leave your boss alone!
Dear God, I like your maths, everything comes to zero at the end whether you add, subtract, multiply or divide!
Dear friends, If money matters the most to you; you’re a corporate and will either have the masters or just the staff! Forget about friends…


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