Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | October 2018 | Week 02

Written by Swati Joshi

October 8, 2018

Dear Courage, Opponents are the proofs that both of us are doing good together.Let’s thank them!
Dear Youth,History is the song of winners only, just buy up the moral and move on.
Dear Human,Invest your time and energy to dare n endure; you’ll have the greatest returns ever!
Dear Citizens,Don’t be the sword; be the warrior if you want a secured future for your country n the next generation.
Dear Love,You’re the eternal fire; flare up inside out!
Dear Life,To bear with you every day is not less than demonstrating bravery in a battlefield!Don’t worry, I’m good at warfare…
Dear World, They keep on preaching me on Life while all I need’s a good night’s sleep!


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