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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Life,When we’ve decided to touch the sky, get ready to say goodbye to the ground! – Swati.

Dear People,If you’re trying to live a purposeful life, you’re already an achiever. – Swati.

Dear You,When you find that your wallet’s getting heavier and the heart’s emptying faster, it’s the time to check the direction you’re moving in! – Swati.

Dear Man,The hands that work hard, hands that pray, hands that help all are the addresses where Destiny resides! – Swati.

Dear Life,Need not to stress so much; we’re just creating a story for the next generations, it can be a success story that they might appreciate or simply a narrative of failure that they might consider as a lesson. – Swati.

Dear Youth,Throwing yourself into a competition without preparing for it is the greatest example of absurdity! – Swati.

Dear Human,Life keeps on moving, smiling at our vague efforts to define what it actually means! – Swati.

Dear World,People with no conscience and the one with an awakened conscience both suffer the hell equally, the first by creating it and the latter by fighting it! – Swati.

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