Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | June 2020 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

June 23, 2020

23 06 20

Dear Life,
When we’ve decided to touch the sky, get ready to say goodbye to the ground!

24 06 20

Dear People,
If you’re trying to live a purposeful life, you’re already an achiever.

25 06 20

Dear You,
When you find that your wallet’s getting heavier and the heart’s emptying faster, it’s the time to check the direction you’re moving in!

26 06 20

Dear Man,
The hands that work hard, hands that pray, hands that help all are the addresses where Destiny resides!

27 06 20

Dear Life,
Need not to stress so much; we’re just creating a story for the next generations, it can be a success story that they might appreciate or simply a narrative of failure that they might consider as a lesson.

28 06 20

Dear Youth,
Throwing yourself into a competition without preparing for it is the greatest example of absurdity!

29 06 20

Dear Human,
Life keeps on moving, smiling at our vague efforts to define what it actually means!

30 06 20

Dear World,
People with no conscience and the one with an awakened conscience both suffer the hell equally, the first by creating it and the latter by fighting it!


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