Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | March 2020 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

March 25, 2020

Dear Youth,
Start accomplishing smaller tasks every day, you’ll see a bigger job done in the days to come.

Dear Ego,
Sorry, but I’ll have to let you go to make some room for wisdom as I need it more to survive!

Dear man,
Don’t be afraid of falling, it takes several stumbling steps before you learn standing.


Dear Life,
I won’t wait for you to teach me through accidents, I trust you with my eyes and mind open.

Dear Human,
Any price paid for mental peace is worth it!

Dear World,
If you find the night too dark, just close your eyes for a while as the dawn has already started to break the darkness!

Dear Society,
We always have this ultimate choice to become kind whenever we want to!


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