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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear You,Once you get to know yourself correctly; you don’t need a savior! – Swati.

Dear Youth,Just try to kill your idleness; half of your troubles will take your leave! – Swati.

Dear human,Don’t hesitate in making mistakes; it takes several efforts to fine tune the programme. – Swati.

Dear Women,Your attire, make-up or hairdo has nothing to do with your talent; all these are glasses our society has put on to recognize ‘who’s who’! – Swati.

Dear Universe,I know that you’ve held an end of my existence; still I have grabbed the other end, so messing with each other won’t be a good option! – Swati.

Dear mind, It’s okay to listen to everyone; just take care that their opinion must not overlap our reality. – Swati.

Dear people,I adore those who dislike me and express it on my face instead of those who speak sweet to me with a heart full of antipathy. – Swati.

Dear men,Silence is the best reply while in conversation with malicious minds. – Swati.

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