Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | June 2020 | Week 02

What about some quotes on smile this week? This bunch of Yellownotes brings you a fine shower...

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear eyes,Stop being so rude..You need not to see them with a hat and a broom every time they’re laughing! – Swati.

Dear World,Please don’t advise us…We’re born in Indian society and already have faced board exams, so you’re not gonna match that standard! – Swati.

Dear You,When you are perplexed about life, You should smile…It’ll confuse others and you won’t be baffled alone! – Swati.

Dear Life,They told me that I should smile to the world and it will smile back to me… The latter didn’t happen and I ended up in a mental health facility explaining myself! – Swati.

Dear People,Smile is an investment, sometimes helps you yield friends n sometimes manages to get you envious foes too! – Swati.

Dear Friends,In the other part of the world, when you smile at strangers, you get friends; in India, you MIGHT get some friends, but will surely get – “Kaun hai?? friend?? Kabhi dekha nahi..! – Swati.

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