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Swati Joshi

Swati Joshi


Hiral Vyas

Hiral Vyas

Guest Writer

Rahul Desai

Rahul Desai

Guest Writer

Inviting Fellow Writers for Guest Posts

If you are blogger or a writer,  interested to feature a guest post on Swati’s Journal, I’ll be glad to join hands. Please Email me. Thanks!


Guidelines to join as a Guest Writer

At Swati’s Journal, I along with my small technical team am publishing under various categories like Articles, Yellownotes, Stories, Series, Musicals and Poetry in English and Gujarati language. If you also are a part of the same fraternity,I’m inviting you to join as a Guest writer by submitting prose and poetry in any or both the languages. Anyone who’s aware of blogging online can become the guest here.

My techies have shaped a few simple steps to get the posts online smoothly.

Now, all you’ve to do is,

Subject: “Interested to join Swati’s Journal as a Guest Writer!”

– and My team will guide you about the submission process with immediate response to the mail.

  • Follow the guideline shared with you in the mail and choose your best stories and/or poems in Gujarati and English languages. ( I suggest that submission is fresh and not been published anywhere before so that we won’t have to deal with any copyright / ownership issues. ) 
  • If you are wondering about PDF / DOC / TXT formats for the submission, we accept editable DOC / TXT files of 800 words (Maximum).
  • Once you are aware about the guidelines sent to you via Email or our Facebook Messenger, The submission will pass through this simple process Submit – Review – Design – Publish.

Making it simpler for you,

  • Submit – Send me your content i.e. an attachment via email.
  • Review – This means I’ll be going over your content just to check three main areas.
  1. The context of the submitted poetry or story as if it’s suitable for the readers or not.  
  2. If the content has a good length. It shouldn’t be too short or too lengthy.
  3. If the content is consistent and error free in grammar and punctuation, mostly.  
  • Design – With your consent, the reviewed draft will be forwarded to the technical team just to format, style and keep it ready for the next publishing slot.

(This is when you’ll get an email saying, “Congratulations! Your post will be publishing on DD/MM/YYYY this month!”)

  • Publish- Here, I’ll publish it with your name and author description.

It’s important for you to know that I respect words more than anything so, I want you to be assured that your content won’t be stolen neither be published without your name attached to it.  

Last but not the least, let me address ‘The Benefits of becoming a Guest writer at Swati’s Journal!’

Less than a year ago, I started Swati’s Journal. Just to create a home for my writings.

Recently, Swati’s Journal has 200+ daily views from more than 30000 readers!

With months passing, more and more readers are joining!

I think of constructing a Stronger and larger reader community all the time.

This is how I offer benefits to my Guest writers.

      1. Better Reach.
      2. New readers.
      3. Quality Backlinks.

So, let’s join hands.

Eagerly waiting to welcome you.

Swati Joshi – Founder, Swati’s Journal

Recent Guest Posts

સાચું સુખ – Gujarati Poetry

જો જગતની બધી ધન-દોલત, સુખ-સુવિધાઓ એક તરફ અને પરિવારજનો તેમજ મિત્રો બીજી તરફ એમ ત્રાજવે તોળવાનાં થાય તો, તમને શું લાગે છે શેનું મૂલ્ય વધારે થશે?

“યાત્રા” – Gujarati Poetry

સ્વજનોનું મૃત્યુ એટલું સહજ-સ્વીકાર્ય નથી રહેતું; યદ્યપિ, રોજબરોજનીe દિનચર્યા જેટલી જ સહજ અનંત તરફની યાત્રા અકળ, અટલ તેમજ શાશ્વત છે!



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