Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | January 2018 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

January 23, 2018

Dear fate, Both of us are aware that My being “Me” has a reason!
Dear darkness, Don’t waste your energy; my head is filled with its own light!
Dear youth, Life either lets you win or makes you learn!
Dear techie, Don’t be a blind led by another blind in the midst of surplus information!
Dear life, No judgement can make you better but observation would definitely do!
Dear mind, Giving you the steering but don’t forget that you are being watched by non-manifested invisible supreme!
Dear destiny, My deeds, will and desires all are thy slaves!
Dear Love, Please wear the mask of bravery, if want to stay unsought!
Dear Youth, Let your perception lead to conception and end up with progression!


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