The Stork and the Crab (A Mitra-bhed story from Panchatantra)

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This brilliant Panchatantra story gives us a very important message. It teaches us that there will be times when we may not have any assistance or support while dealing with some difficult situations. At that time a sharp mind becomes our greatest strength! A person with a good presence of mind and quick thinking capability can protect himself from any awful condition!

We are back with children’s story from Panchatantra. Let’s read it. If you prefer to read it in Gujarati, Click Here.
Long long ago, there was a Stork, you know what a Stork is, right? It’s a very tall, long-legged wading bird. We know long-legged water birds as wading birds, okay? So, this Stork we were talking about was living near a pond. The pond was full of different types of fish. Therefore he had enough food and was living comfortably. But as the years passed, the Stork grew older, so he wasn’t able to catch the fish very well. The Stork was very smart. He thought of an idea so that he would not have to stay hungry for long.

One day the Stork was standing still in the pond with a sad face. He also wasn’t catching any fish. All the creatures in the pond, the fish, crabs, frogs were surprised to see this. A Stork would not hunt or fish, wasn’t it strange? So the oldest and the wisest Crab in the pond went up to the Stork to ask him what the problem was!? With the most sorrowful face and a heavy voice the Stork said, “I’m looking at this pond for the last time; I am going to fly away. I’ll miss this place and all of you my friends.” Young fish eagerly asked, “Why? What happened? Why are you leaving your home?” The smart Stork saw the plan working. He said, “I’ve heard that some people are going to fill this pond with soil. They are planning to grow crops here. What if this place dries up? I can’t see all of you dying.” All the creatures in the pond were terrified. The Stork added further in a shaky voice, “I am going to fly away from this miserable place. I have seen a larger pond nearby. Farewell to all my dear friends! I wish I could have helped you all!”

Listening to the Stork, all the small fish, frogs and crabs started requesting him to save them too. They wanted the Stork to carry them to the larger pond.
Why wouldn’t he agree?

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The wicked Stork agreed upon carrying all of them one by one to the nearby pond. Poor fish, frogs and crabs started dreaming about a better, new life at a larger pond!
Now, the Stork started taking some of the fish in his beak at a time flying them away from this pond.

The fish in the pond were very happy about the new life their brothers were living in the new, larger pond. All of them were eagerly waiting for their turn. They didn’t know that the fact was, the Stork was taking them all to the big, black rock a little away from the pond. He used to sit on the rock and feast upon the poor fish, frogs and crabs! This became a routine that whenever the Stork felt hungry, he carried a couple of fish in his beak in the name of taking them to that bigger home. By making multiple trips, the cruel Stork had eaten most of the fish, frogs and crabs from this pond.

It was the old Crab’s turn now. He was happy that he could soon meet all his friends and would have a pleasant life once again. The Stork thought to himself, “Come on, you filthy Crab! Let me taste a different meal today. I’m a little bored of eating the same fish every day!”

He picked the Crab and started flying towards the big, black rock. Excited Crab looked down from the sky to check for his new home.

But he could see if there was any such place!! He still kept looking and what’s that?
There was a huge, black rock on the ground. And he could clearly spot the fish-bones scattered all over the place.

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The wise Crab immediately understood the whole scenario. He tightly clasped the Stork’s neck with his knifelike claws. The Stork tried hard to get free. But the Crab was very angry and he grasped the Stork’s throat firmly. Finally the mean Stork fell dead on the ground.

Next, the Crab slowly crawled back to the pond and informed all his friends about the evil intentions of the Stork. He also told the whole story how he killed the Stork and managed to reach home safely. Everyone praised and applauded the Crab for quick thinking, his presence of mind and the bravery he had shown while tackling the wicked Stork!

The End.

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