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Liberation! – A Musical Short Story in English

Written by Swati Joshi

July 16, 2018

Lance Naik Raghuveer Chaudhari has reached the end stage of ESRD; it’s the last stage of kidney disease and is waiting for the final moment. Raghuveer has lived a gratified life with pride of being a soldier. Dignity of being a sepoy has kept him upstanding after retirement also. He has lived a wholesome life and now is ready to go. But it seems that there’s something he is waiting for as in spite of his very critical condition, his breaths have been sustained.

Aryaveer, the grandson has been Raghuveer’s counterpart. So, every elderly person has suggested him to do one or other things for Raghuveer’s liberation. Things like doing various pujas, chanting hymns to calling up religious gurus are on the list.

“What do you think, son?” His father asks Aryaveer.

Aryaveer holds his hand compassionately, “I have arranged for it.”

It’s January 26 today, Aryaveer has set grandpa’s bed in front of the television set to let him watch the Republic day parade! Raghuveer’s eyes are sparkling with joy and pride. After an hour he has been put to the long awaited sleep!!

Tune on the TV set seems to be paying homage to this brave soul…



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