Savior! – A Musical Short Story in English

Written by Swati Joshi

August 3, 2018

Murthy family has been settled here in the USA since their children were Kindergarten kids.

Now, the kids are all grown to an age when they’ve started transforming into global teenagers.

That Indianness has slowly started being replaced by the Universal characteristics.
Mr. Murthy’s mother also lives with them. She has witnessed this transformation silently.

Mrs. Murthy sometimes worriedly talks about the changing times but this old lady has a strong head and heart full of faith about her kids never loosing those deep rooted Indian values.

“Where’re girls and amma?” asks Mr. Murthy after returning from the office.

“Amma is with girls. Since last week, she joins them after lunch and God knows what the three are doing the whole day locked in the room.

I’m not allowed to enter the room.” replies Mrs. Murthy with a smile.

Today, Murthy family is at the school for the cultural day celebration where according to this year’s theme, the girls are performing to represent their culture….



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