01. It’s waiting round the corner!


So true it’s said about the life that it is completely uncertain, unpredictable and also unalterable! Hope Kandarp is fine… How will Sharda react to this incident??

First episode of Short Story series – Payoff.

“Let’s celebrate!” and the party starts at Kandarp’s house. After all, not everyone gets promoted within a few months of joining. His mother and Shalmali — his twin sister are very happy for his achievement. Gautam, his senior at office & Shalmali’s fiancé is a recent addition to the party. All close friends — Aman, Sanjana, Mandeep & Mudra are present to share his joy. Gautam is not joining the gang for the movie at drive-in after dinner as he will be out of town in next two or three hours for business. He just has come for the dinner. After enjoying the major munch, all the others rush to drive-in theatre as they don’t want to miss the starting of the movie.

The movie was so hilarious that all are cracking jokes on dialogues and there is a gush of laughter while they are returning home this late riding their bikes. They have dropped Sanjana and Mudra at their places. Shalmali is thinking about her mother Sharada who has single handedly brought up the twins while working and earning as well! Shalmali thinks that mother might have slept as it is quite late. Suddenly, she notices that their bike is going too fast. She instructs Kandarp to lessen the speed as she is feeling little colder due to wind. Kandarp tells her that they will be home in fifteen minutes. Aman and Mandeep are still fool headed. Kandarp is preoccupied in the next day’s planning for the office while Shalmali is feeling sleepy and waiting to reach home at the soonest. She is also pondering about Gautam who might have reached the destination.

Shalmali: “Kandarp, When will Gautam be returning? He told me but is it on Tuesday or Thursday?”

Kandarp: “May be on Thursday. Why?”

Shalmali tells that she has to meet Gautam’s mother for lunch on the next day of Gautam’s arrival. His mother wants to talk to Shalmali.

Suddenly, there is a screech of brakes and within a fraction of a second,


A speeding car has hit Kandarp’s bike throwing both the siblings on the road. Aman and Mandeep are shocked and take a few minutes to understand what has happened. The car has disappeared in no time.

: “Shalmali… Kandarp…”

: “Call the ambulance first. I am calling the police.”

: “Check him. Is he alright?” “Oh God! So much of blood!!”

Siren of ambulance breaks the chain of excessive thoughts for Aman and Mandeep.

: “Who called?”

: “We have. We are their friends. Please, hurry up. It has been half an hour since we have called you.”

: “Don’t worry, one of you will have to come with us.”

Aman sends Mandeep to bring Sharada while doctors in the ambulance are trying to keep Shalmali conscious. Kandarp seems to be fainted.

To be continued..

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