Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote of the Week | May 2018 | Week 04


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22 05 18 - swati's Journal short story
Dear Courage, Be my firefly whilst my Sun holidays! – Swati.
23 05 18 - swati's Journal short story
Dear Self, Make a choice whether you wanna be what they want or going to be just YOU! – Swati.
24 05 18 - swati's Journal short story
Dear world, There are only two possibilities, either you learn or you die! – Swati.
25 05 18 - swati's Journal short story
Dear evil, We are gonna borrow your mask whenever we want to make deplorable mistakes! – Swati.
26 05 18 - swati's Journal short story
Dear accident, You bring either harm or charm… are you n love twins? – Swati.
Dear People, Feeling like you belong there makes living easier! – Swati.
Dear Youth, Choosing a strong and worthy rival, helps you grow faster! – Swati.
Dear India, (People ÷ religion) + 2(Political Drama)- Ethics = ‘Present you’ – Swati.
Dear man, Least the possibilities of resistance, the lowest is the chance to succeed! – Swati.
Dear mankind, Remember, pursuit of catastrophe is definitely not the purpose of your being on this planet! – Swati.

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