Admirer! – A Musical Short Story
WRITTEN BY Swati Joshi

Sanchita has won another award for her latest song. The party has just been wound up. Aseem is late as usual. He has never been that perfect guy for Sanchita in hail-fellow-well-met sort of way. He has lived in a closed circle with fixed routines.

“Mom, don’t you feel bad when dad doesn’t react on your achievements?” a poignant question comes from the teenage girl.

“He can’t ever change. So, there’s no point in feeling bad about it.” Sanchita replies calmly.

“But I can’t stand it. I’m going to ask him…” The girl leaves disheartened.

After dinner, it’s the everyday routine for them to watch Aseem sit in his armchair and listen to his Walkman.

The girl enters,

“Dad can’t you admire mom for a single time?”

Aseem smiles at annoyed daughter.

He gently asks the young lady if she knows the first song her mother has won award for.

She looks puzzled.

Aseem delightfully putting the headphones in her ears says, “Check, here are all her award winning songs and this one is the first and my most favorite.”

The Walkman plays…

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