The Blind Vulture – Kid’s Story [Hitopdesh Katha]

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We should not treat the strangers as our friends. People we don’t know closely may harm us. Trusting someone thoughtfully helps us protect ourselves and the people near and dear to us.

Looking for story for kids in English? Let’s read a tale of the blind vulture. If you prefer to read it in Gujarati, Read Here.

Once upon a time, there was a dense forest resting under the slope of a hill. A river full of water was flowing through the jungle. There were many trees on the banks of this beautiful river. Among these trees, there was a huge Peepal tree which was a home to many birds. One day a Blind Vulture came to live in the hollow of the tree. He was quite old and weak, so the other compassionate birds decided to give him shelter and a portion of their food.

kids story vulture swatisjournal - swati's Journal short story

On getting such support from the birds, the Blind Vulture felt grateful. The Vulture thought, “These birds are so kind to me! It’s my duty to protect the baby birds while the parent birds are away gathering food for us.”

He offered it to the birds in return of the generous favor.

So, everyone started living happily.

As it is said that all the days can’t be the same; one day, when the birds were away from home, a cat passed by the tree. It heard the chirping of the young ones.

The cat came near the tree in excitement, “Huzza! Baby birds… It’s my lucky day. Feast is just a climb away. Meow, Meow!!”

The young ones saw her coming, they started making noise to inform the Blind Vulture.

On hearing the baby birds twittering together, the Vulture shouted, “Who is there?”kids story cat swatisjournal - swati's Journal short story

It was a Vulture; the cat got terrified and started mumbling, “Oh God! Is this my last day on Earth? No, no pussy you need to be brave. Be confident, the Vulture is blind.”She replied cunningly, “O wise Vulture sir, I just have come to meet you.”

The Vulture asked her, “Who are you?”

The cat replied, “I’m a cat and I live on the other side of the river. I’ve heard much about your helping nature.”

On hearing that it was a cat, the Vulture ordered her to leave the place and go away from those baby birds.

The clever cat was ready with her answer. She innocently said, “Sir, please don’t force me to go away just because I’m a cat. You are a kind, old vulture; you should give me a chance to explain my point.”

The Blind Vulture decided to listen to her.

The cat continuing, “As I said I live on the other side of the river. I everyday take a dip into the river and I don’t eat meat. I am repenting for my sins. I’m meeting great sages and gathering religious knowledge. Having heard about you, I’ve come here to become your disciple and want to have your blessings.”

The old Vulture in doubt asked, “Why should I trust you? You are a carnivore and young birds dwell here. So, go away or I’ll kill you”The cat was very keen in playing tricks. She said making faces, “I think the birds told about you weren’t right then. You’re talking about killing a poor cat like me. If you were a kind-hearted knowledgeable bird, you must have known that all the guests are a form of God.”

Misleading the Vulture, she continued, “Respected sir, you don’t believe me? I’ve read all the scriptures and came to know that killing is sinful. God has given me the forest full of fruits and vegetables to eat, why would I commit a sin by killing the birds?”

The old Blind Vulture believed her and allowed her to stay with him in the hollow of the tree. With the days passing, the cat started eating the baby birds one by one. The Vulture was unaware of any such happenings.

On the other hand, the birds started noticing that their young ones were missing, they searched for their babies. Knowing that the birds might find about her secret, one day the cat ran off quietly.The birds decided to ask about their kids to the Blind Vulture. The Vulture was resting near the hollow.

The poor Blind thing did not know that near his resting place, the cat had thrown the bones of some of the birds she ate.

kids story chics swatisjournal - swati's Journal short story

The parent birds saw the bones of their young ones and they shouted angrily, “This Blind Vulture had eaten our innocent kids.”Before the Blind Vulture could explain anything, all of them attacked him furiously. They pecked him to death. The poor Vulture, deceived by the cat, died awfully.

The End.

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