Feminism – An illusion, untruth, fantasy or a myth?

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Feminism has been the biggest hoax of the century! Nature has made males and females to represent the body and the soul respectively. But, if feminism is about liberation and equal rights then the whole society including males and females must be considerate about it. It has nothing to do with who’s stronger or who’s worth dominating. Writer has expressed here his take on what he thinks about the idea of FEMINISM!

Before a couple of centuries, in advanced countries, females started raising voice against unjust behavior, misconduct, physical violence, their emotional, sexual exploitation and with all that a word ‘FEMINISM’ came into existence and was added in the dictionaries. But, like any -ism being an illusion, untruth, fantasy or a myth, feminism conceived by the Feminists(mainly by Female feminists remained in stories, novels, print and electronic media and movies that projected Feminism as a movement for gender equality & human rights.

On Earth, Human beings are the animals with the most powerful, developed brains capable of even destroying themselves and the whole planet or creating themselves. Humans are the mightiest species of all. They are just named differently as Humans.

They are bodies of females and males. Unfortunately, rest owes the body of both or none. So far as sustaining abilities are concerned, Males are the weakest community whereas Females are the strongest. Males have muscles and brain power whereas females have strong minds, emotional and unlimited sexual strength.

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Throughout the evolution, somehow, male gender survived and sustained less but ruled more than females. They could rule dominantly even on females because they allowed them to do so.

Feminists conceived it to become like males by doing everything like males do. Feminists and learned females started thinking of it as their FREEDOM! But out of such FREEDOM, they could not achieve INDEPENDENCE!!

If We observe this worldwide in all most advanced races too, the movements have gone in the wrong direction, in vain. It is beyond understanding why females would want to become like men who have dominated them, exploited them, used their emotions and weaknesses despite they have their own existence that possess tremendous individuality and number of strengths as a mass too to blossom their own lives independently.

In the name of Feminism, females have conveyed that directly or indirectly they are impressed by males and that is why they want to become like them and do what males do. They do not understand a simple thing that by putting such efforts they ultimately accept male dominance! They want to show men that earlier men remained dominant, financially independent and now the females will show them that even they too can do so.

It really seems so absurd when even the most intelligent female individuals like some writers also think so.img 02 feminism article rashmin mehta swatisjournal

Females became argumentative spouses, daughters, sisters, friends & girlfriends – loud, voice raiser, rude and hard-hearted instead of becoming stronger and better than males. They started believing mainly in breaking the barriers and enjoying liberal sex, entering into commercial sex for fun and money, entered in the world of show business like modeling, catwalking and glamour world which is still run by males. Here they became just ‘another thing on display’! By the time, males changed their strategies to exploit them smartly which in ancient times they were used to do on the basis of their muscles power.

When we talk about all the biological, physical, erotic, emotional, social or spiritual feelings or behavior, we must not disregard the idea that if there is nothing immoral for men in enjoying polygamy, why is it for females? Morales and Ethics or Code of conducts can just not be imposed on females. So, if males enjoy, take liberties and freedom to do what they want to do, males have no right, not to allow females to do what they do or want to do like males do. Isn’t this also about equality?

There is nothing sinful or abusive in enjoying freedomful sex or to enjoy sex for fun, sex out of love or in partner swapping for making sexual life more charming and to avoid monotony out of monogamy and in enjoying polygamy. Your conscience can only be the judge in doing so. If one doesn’t have moral issues choosing any of the above discussed options then one can go for it. Yet, one has to draw his own limits supporting the social fabric.

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Wrong is to believe that doing so is a real freedom and feminism. Why are brothels still dominated by men? Why there are still forceful scandals of dragging innocent females and tender aged girls in the commercial sex business?

I personally believe that the only sizeable support males have provided to feminists is through invention of sex toys for females. Though support is a by product, they have done favour to females by helping them in their sexual freedom without exploitation.
Females need to understand that to go beyond masculinism and male dominance, to create their own strength and to become independent should be their purpose to have their importance, respect and weightage in the decision making as a female gender.

Today, this must have grabbed your attention too that some girls do not marry because they might think that by not having any family responsibilities, not having children, not listening to anybody, living with multiple partners or having friends with benefit or having one night stands, live in relationships in short by leading such reckless lives, they’re challenging males or their dominance but when we dig a little deeper, we can see that they’re surrendering themselves esteem and self respect unknowingly out of their greed of FREEDOM.

To use love, to make out and forget has become synonyms for Freedom and Feminism!! These incautious ways are dangerous for females. To live independently does not necessarily mean to remain unmarried just to escape from the responsibilities and duties and live life like stray animals. Of Course, it could be a thoughtful choice, but for the betterment or to fulfil a vision and a mission they decide.

A real freedom is in standing up and developing a strength to sustain and grow among all odds gracefully, not to use physicality as a factor to rise and grow in this world. To go beyond weaknesses is the real freedom. They need to create an atmosphere wherein no attempt is made by any male to peep into their upper or lower curves and depth leading ultimately to surrender sexually or emotionally and intellectually. Females must accept that they aren’t just bodies but far more than this whole world can think them to be.

Unfortunately females have adapted their physicality as an easy way to achieve their good or bad goals. Males have exploited it. It slowly becomes a give and take game knowingly or unknowingly. So, do you think it has something to do with FEMINISM? No, nothing… It’s all about individuality.

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Females need to grow beyond they think. Females need to overcome greed and the resulting shortcuts. Females need to have harmonious relationships with males without allowing them to become indecent in their day to day and personal, emotional or professional life too.

I think that without surrendering to individual weaknesses, obstacles, need, greed, females should fasten their belts, stand up and rise as the most powerful individuals. This could be the real meaning of being a female. That could be the real success, achievement, independence and total freedom.

So-called feminism has led females nowhere but to an illusion and a fantasy of Freedom and given birth to some weak, helpless females pretending to be males!! Such male brand females can not uplift their own lives till they do not realize their own value as the most powerful gender on the planet.

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Smt.Sudha Murthy and other such women are great examples of INDEPENDENT women who never fought against males for their ‘FREEDOM’ and however, without compromising or surrendering their independence, showed the world that what is the meaning of true freedom.

Freedom does not mean to have multi partner relationships or just to spend life being a single or financially independent girl or a woman only. It should not become a weakness of women too. And however, If their inner beings are like males, their weaknesses are going to be like males too! They should not scream in the name of FEMINISM! If at all there is anything like feminism, it is in going and growing beyond the dictionary meaning of feminism and to become a milestone for the next generations of females without losing their true essences as a female.

And if you think feminism is all about what is trending today as FEMINISM then I think,love and sex, care taking and working by females rather as a spouse, as a home maker, as a mother or in any role; everything, each of their acts which females deliver free of cost, should become monetarily chargeable and for a few years, worldwide, all females should have a licence to keep loaded revolvers in their fancy purses. To become a Feminist, do they need to look like James Bond??
Could be continued by any feminist / non feminist…

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