03. Allow your inner voice to speak.


Allowing yourself to make mistakes, to take risks or to choose a wrong path is totally a human thing to do. It enhances the possibilities for correction, to succeed and to return. Willingness is the only condition.

Let’s listen to inner voice in today’s article of Long live life.

Allow is the word we mostly consider for others, and happiness for self. Whenever it’s intended to permit something to others, we have this word in mind. But, my dear readers, we are here talking about Life and I truly believe that it solely belongs to one’s self first as in being someone or may understand it as existence!So, what exactly should we allow to ourselves?

On account of fast development in technology, the world has been a smaller place. I would like to add that not only smaller but; it has been much denser today! Thus, we have been able to peep into other’s life so easily that it has unknowingly made us compare our lives with each other. This comparison most of the times, leads us to follow their lives purposelessly.

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Purpose is something that one can have on the basis of his bringing up, socio-economic environment as well as the skills the person has. It’s almost impossible for two different people to have the same purposes. So, allowing one’s self to set a different direction for sailing his ship is natural and prerequisite. This helps us to use our inherited skills as well as to acquire new abilities that we can pass on to the next generations.

Electing for a different purpose is not an easy thing. It will definitely test the endurance at its best. May take a hell of the efforts to overcome the fears of one’s life but none have ever claimed the life to be an easy task! So, not expecting it is wiser. In this way, we will have new stories to tell our grand kids!!

Most of us know and accept at some extent that nothing happens unintentionally but in the everyday flow of life, majority of us focus on the joyous or can say merrier part of life. Constantly being in a happy state is impossible for anyone. Feeling cheerful interminably is a fantasy and life could never be that fanciful idea for anyone! So, what I mean is; if we are talking about real LIVING, it would have its part of pain and sorrows all along with bliss.

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(Today, many of us use ‘Spirit’ to maintain that ‘High-spirit’! but, believe me, it’s not that fruitful though full of fruits… Didn’t get it? Allow yourself to read it one more time!) Okay, coming back to the topic, my message is, we should allow the life to take its part of anguish also. There are agonies and grieves meant for the one. Turning the face from them never helps, instead facing those always gives something in return either it be a lesson, an experience or the contentment of surmounting them. Even if you don’t get a handle over the situation, it gives you a sense of acceptance at the end altogether with a little courage for trying to correct it. There is no space for regression.

Today, I have seen people losing their heart on small things. This is an era of comfort and luxury for a layman. People have something to own more or less. (Here, I am talking about majority of the people. Underprivileged don’t need such ideas about life, they know how it works! And yet we call them underprivileged!! — a perfect example of feigned ignorance) But, living in your comfort zones, have you given a thought to the notion of being totally devastated?

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“No” is the answer most of the times. Human beings have always liked the idea of immorality. Whatever we do mostly inclines towards long and happy life.

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Not many like or want to accept the idea of obliteration. But all of us know eradication to be an eternal truth of life. So, if one accepts and allows the life to raze one’s attainments, it becomes much easier to stand and start again. Overthrowing fate’s decisions makes a man the MAN!! Taking up on with life helps to put the brave front on which manifests all our qualities as a human.

The other thing I have seen today is people hesitate to help each other. The trust is becoming a rare entity. I personally believe, if one needs to live a soulful life, he/she has to trust people. There are good and bad all the types of people around. Existence of only good or only bad is a myth. We need to take chances while trusting people. Allowing one’s self to trust someone needs a brave heart. So, people who think such brave hearts to be foolish can try it at least for once.

In doing so, you’ll have to allow yourself to be deceived sometimes. It’s not necessary to act smart all the time. You may allow yourself to be cheated. People may misuse you emotionally, might take advantage of your being good. But, I need to add in the contemporary times is, the degree of damage you’ll allow must be set on the rational basis. This wasn’t required a few years back but the time is changing so are the practices. But, what makes life countable are the things same as the older times.

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So, to allow dreaming, hoping, caring, helping, sharing, making mistakes, correcting those, forgiving, forgetting and whatever comes naturally are the things still work. Allow yourself to do whatever your inner voice says to be righteous; it would never make you repent. One can do whatever his heart voices as correct; as life is all about living not proving.

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