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Knowledge and realization are two important factors that help us meet a ‘New Self’ every day. And when one is introduced to who he is, he gets a chance to know what he can become. Here, the awakening poet has talked about helps us face the brighter side of life, keeping the shadows behind. It guides us towards the making of ourselves out of thousands of new possibilities. What it takes is mere realization. Each evolution, either inner or outer, begins with this kindling revival.

I have known this man
For quite a long time
A lot has been said about him
A lot can be said about him
I am sure he doesn’t mind

So this man lived in a cave
It didn’t matter, night or day
Darkness wouldn’t escape
Emptiness would fill the gap
While he stayed in there dismayed

His silence was maddening
His will was deprived of words
Rage he was battling
For reasons were unsettling
His only salvation was absurd

He wasn’t afraid of the darkness
Within him he had seen the light
Secrets he had been keeping
Now afloat in sinking feelings
And confusion was out of sight

All the pain he had felt
All the miseries he had known
He painted on his walls
Knowing he was the one at fault
In the darkness before the dawn

He was ready to let the light in
Doubts were fading in the shades
Past was forgettable
Future was meaningless
But in this moment he wasn’t afraid

In his madness he was awakened
Identity he could no longer hold
Only thing he could offer or feel
Was the vacancy, his mind revealed
Like a potter and his mold.

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