The world is a beautiful place! – English Poem
WRITTEN BY Swati Joshi

Among all the ideas of pain, agony and grief,

there’re things that lead to relief;

when you enter the awful race,

keep in mind, the fact is that –

The world is a beautiful place!

Before we complain for being deprived,

relook at the crux deliberately contrived;

none other is so blessed to have –

A glinting god clinging in the space,

shining to help us recall that –

The world is a beautiful place!

Treachery might give us an aching core,

might hit us with a smack of abhor;

answering the cruelty, carrying the ruth –

moon, dew n zephyr spreading the grace,

reminding us to recollect that –

The world is a beautiful place!

Down with desires, when we feel defeated,

frustrated with greed, in a state conceited;

forget not to count the cost of that –

free boon of the blossom n chirps we disgrace,

losing it, we lose a chance to say that –

The world is a beautiful place!

Distressed by the caressing idea of love,

Give your stuck mind a little shove;

The world isn’t only about –

velvety curves o’ mighty muscles,

a giggling smile on a tiny gleaming face,

is enough to remind us that –

The world is a beautiful place!

Ignoring the benison we’ve been given,

leading a life that’s ambition driven;

missing to appraise the gifts we have –

our senses, emotions n the values we abase,

embracing them all we’ll find that-

The world is a beautiful place!

crux = સમસ્યા, contrived = કાલ્પનિક, જાતે ઉભું કરેલું, glinting = પ્રકાશિત , treachery = દગો,
core = અંતરમન (અહીં) , abhor = ધિક્કાર, ruth = કરુણા, zephyr = પવનની આહ્લાદક લહેરખી,
grace = કૃપા, લાવણ્ય, conceited = મગરુર, ઘમંડી, boon = વરદાન, blossom = ખીલેલા ફૂલો,
chirp = પક્ષીઓનો કલરવ, disgrace = અપમાનિત કરવું, distressed = દુઃખી થઈને, shove = ધકેલવું, velvety = મખમલી, giggling = ખીલખીલાટ, benison = આશિષ, appraise = મૂલ્યાંકન કરવું, senses = સંવેદનશીલતા, abase = તિરસ્કાર કરવો, embracing = સ્વીકારવું

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