Institutionalized – An English poetry

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Institutionalized – An English poetry

Whom are you waiting for?
No one’s coming for breaking the chain,
You’re in a place where they only befriend the gain.
Confined in a cage, you’re the bird that has no choice,
And it’s been years you’ve forgotten to raise your voice.
This enslavement is deeply ingrained in your core –

Whom are you waiting for?
You flutter your wings in a fit of pique,
The cage is impaired of hearing thy shriek.
Slowly, you’d forget the reason for your cry,
Impassive thou might overlook to try.
Wily enclosure will subjugate you more –

Whom are you waiting for?
Gradually deranged by the vassalage,
Thy scraggy soul would start loving the cage.
Imprisoned in your delusional hutch,
You may not covet your existence much.
Encasing the desires that’d never restore –

You aren’t waiting anymore!!

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