02. Keep the faith!


Believing in something gives you a kind of inner strength. You believe in good, you become better! And as I have said earlier, acceptance follows the belief indiscriminately.

Today, I am adding one more article to Long Live Life about keeping faith

There are training packages or offers available as per your requirements. Here, religious ‘Gurus’ are yet not included! I feel that these people are from Mars ‘coz on Earth there happens nothing like they say would happen merely by trainings or practices provided from outside right away. If you find that something good or bad is happening then believe me it’s your years invested with absolute hard work either in the right or the wrong direction, giving you the respective results. Life is a chaotic ride on an anarchic route where belief and acceptance are the oars we can use to reach the final destination.

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To believe is a substantial word, as acceptance follows it indiscriminately. We are human and are powered to think and plan thus feel responsible for whatever happens in life.But have you ever given a thought that how others survive the same planet without having intelligence any close to us? (Our being the most intelligent is also a misconception!) I feel they believe in Nature and their senses accept the notes consciously.

We also are meant to do the same because we don’t know from where have we come here or where are we going afterwards; neither the time of departing from here has been known nor we are aware of the purpose of coming here. So, people preaching you about life, don’t know even about their lives. Then how legit would it be to believe in them?

As always, my intention here is not to talk about what we shouldn’t do but instead we talk about what could be done. So, let’s talk about few simple ideas for a long and quality life. As mentioned earlier, we have to keep faith first. You may ask then what should we believe in. I would say first of all we need to believe in ourselves. We have to believe that we’re here to stay longer as to make memories that would stay with the off spring. We will have to make great examples through our livings that the kids could follow and lead to an equally worthy life we desire for ourselves. Exemplifying through living is much more efficient and promising than any of the preaching in this world.

The other thing we need to work up on is that we have to stop overestimating our potential (I know you’re going to read it twice but it’s overestimating for sure!) and to plug the goals on the basis of that strength miscalculated. Today, we listen people talking about the enormous powers we human hold in our mind and heart that can help us attain beyond the bounds of possibilities.

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Once drugged with such ideas we forget that we are only human not the Gods! Then we slowly start becoming reluctant to look at the possibility of sinking the ship. We will have to keep faith that we also can be devastated at any point of time. Agony is also an eternal truth so, we can’t escape it. But one more thing we’ll have to believe is to have faith in life as it heals everyone eventually. Facing the havoc always adds to courage and potentiality leading to inner and outer development; ultimately enhancing the qualities of an individual. Believing that not all the days will be the same or as bright as one desires those to be helps us to check for the other options. We can prepare for the worse and finally could stand the worst. We all are meant to stand the storm uprightly but for that we’ll have to believe that we can. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be stronger storms. We will have to hold this possibility of being knelt down one day in our heart without fear. This completes the full circle of believing.

This circle is also extended to the whole community as Aristotle mentioned that “The society precedes the individual”, how could we ignore it while talking about the ethnic mortals? Having developed rational minds, today we have been “Doubting Thomas” for almost everything. As mentioned earlier, we don’t even spare ourselves off doubting. We can leave this habit to develop a tendency to trust. We are human and are bound or can say are used to live in company so, we need to trust others.

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