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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear People,What you think and what you become is simply whom you’ve been with for long. – Swati.

Dear World,Chaos is the only theory for any creation to happen internally or externally! – Swati.

Dear Human,Need not to be scared of crisis; they either could kill us or would make stronger for sure! – Swati.

Dear Man,Just forget your purpose for doing everything and you’re a member of the empty-headed community! – Swati.

Dear God,This catastrophe is the perfect time when you’ve a chance to prove that you’re not only a thought! – Swati.

Dear Nature,We can’t complain as It’s our own will that makes us suffer more than your infliction. – Swati.

Dear Self,It’s not how much courage we show in difficult times, but for how long we can hold it makes us brave or faint-hearted. – Swati.

Dear Society,Though we know that harmony boosts your immunity and conflicts weaken your health; we don’t like to work on it, this might be sickening you more! – Swati.

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