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December 01, 2020
The December first week Yellownotes have brought to you some interesting, deep yet very short quotes.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Happiness,Be the objective of our lives, and everything else will start falling in order! – Swati.

Dear cup of tea,Thanks for being the cue for the consciousness of my being alive every morning! – Swati.

Dear Seniors,Retirement is not some death warrant; it’s just to relieve you from visiting the same place you’re going for quite long. – Swati.

Dear Youth,Using your eyes to search for the path towards your goal is definitely a better option than to look for the obstructions. – Swati.

Dear You,Philanthropy is the only business that brings to you fame, satisfaction and profit without wrecking anyone’s life. – Swati.

Dear Man,Don’t corrupt your today with the fears of an incessantly unknown tomorrow! – Swati.

Dear You,Don’t be scared of their opinions over your thoughts or actions today, as everything is going to fade away tomorrow! – Swati.

Dear Society,Doing good for someone is not about some extensive planning as it only requires a moment when you decide to do so. – Swati.

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