Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | July 2020 | Week 03

Written by Swati Joshi

July 17, 2020

09 07 20

Dear Husband,
If for you I am what ice-cream is for me, then I definitely know how intense your love is!

10 07 20

Dear World,
We know that love makes people act stupidly, weddings prove it!

11 07 20

Dear people,
In India on the day you get married, it’s about heavenly bonding, pious communion and a passionate union… From the next day, it’s all about household chores for the rest of your life!

12 07 20

Dear friend,
If you need a husband or a wife, just get married, but if you’re looking for an ideal husband or wife, you better buy a book!

13 07 20

Dear Marriage,
Do you think it’s fair enough that for a few good virtues we like in someone, we’ve to bring the whole package home and pay for it for life time?

14 07 20

Dear Facebook,
Did you know that you’ve been the best digital display board for people’s emotions, not charging them an extra paisa?

15 07 20

Dear ladies,
After spending a lot on the dress, make-up and accessories for someone’s marriage, one gets pictured with mouth wide open eating awkwardly is Karma visiting her wearing the face of a photographer!

16 07 20

Dear Couple,
Need not to stress and spend extra on your looks, people at your wedding are gonna focus on Gulab-Jamun and Rasmalai more!


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