The Wolf and the Lamb – A Panchatantra Tale

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The Wolf and the Lamb – A Panchatantra Tale

Here are more stories for kids. Today, from Panchatantra Tales! Don’t like reading it in English? Click to Read it in Gujarati.

Once upon a time, there was a forest. Forest was very dense and it was surrounded by hills and valleys. A small river flowed through it. There lived a wolf in this forest.

One fine day, the wolf was drinking water from a small stream. All of a sudden, he noticed that a lamb was also drinking water from the same stream down at some distance.The sharp-witted wolf started thinking about some trick so that he could attack the little lamb and make it his lunch.

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So, he cried out at the lamb in a loud voice, “Hey, you son of a sheep, how dare you make the water dirty? Can’t you see I was drinking it here?”

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Poor lamb was shocked to hear such a scream coming from a wolf. Asking for pardon he explained,”You must be mistaken sir! How could I make your water dirty, as you’re standing there at a higher place and I’m down here, so the water flows from you to me and not from me to you?”

The wolf found that the little lamb was not that stupid to fool it easily.

He started thinking about a new plan in order to create a dispute and to get a valid reason for killing the lamb, so he could eat its delicious flesh.”

“Do you remember that just a year ago you uttered all sorts of intimidating and abusive words for me?” said the wolf frightening the innocent lamb.

Gazing the wolf with wide eyes, surprised lamb replied, “How could it be possible sir? I wasn’t even born a year ago!”

“Shut up you stupid creature!” shouted the wolf again. “Are you trying to fool me? I totally remember it, if it wasn’t you then it must be your father, who’d abused me long ago.” he said.

“Oh! Then I apologize for my father’s misbehavior, if he really did it to you sir! This is what I could do at most.” shaking like a leaf, the lamb pleaded.

The awestruck little lamb was completely trapped by the wolf’s trick.

The wolf said, “I think you and your father are goons who commit a sin first and then try to dismiss it with your false arguments. I must teach a lesson to bullies like you and your family.”

Before the poor lamb could understand what was happening, the wolf jumped over it and tore it to pieces and ate it…

The End.

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