From stress to beauty; reasons to remedies!

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We humans are not things to be displayed so, outer adornment doesn’t serve the purpose wholly. For us, feeling the way we want to be looked as is more important. It’s an era of commercialization yet the basics remain the same for any place in the world you can think of. It’s all about feeling good at the end of the day!

There are hundreds of definitions of beauty, you can Google it. Yes, I have seen people doing it for anything and everything. Coming back to beauty, some call it aesthetic attitude(quite a heavy one); few say that it lies in the eyes of the beholder, there are a few who says it lies in simplicity; oh come on, have you ever been to Paris or Milan? What I believe about beauty is whatever seems pleasant to your eyes, heart and finally to the soul is beautiful. Beauty is all about being pleasant! Whatever makes you feel good is beautiful. It can be the looks, attitude, style or the behavior. Let’s go from stress to beauty.

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Appearance is not the only thing to decide if the person is beautiful or not but it obviously helps the person to give a chance to prove his/her beauty. Dark, fair, long, short, fat, thin- all these are a few of the parameters important only for making a marketing strategy just to sell a number of products.

Let me be bit liberal that these beauty products might help you feel better about yourselves but such a feeling doesn’t last longer. Being presentable and presenting one’s self with confidence are important parts of the appearance. Now, being presentable is not a big issue today, as there are helping hands available to groom you. But to feel confident is totally a ‘YOU’ thing. Being confident is all about “Sanguinity”! I know it’s a big word but really an important one. Feeling cheerful, hopeful and optimistic is being sanguine, as simple as that.

Human beings are blessed that they not only can feel but express however at the same time and we are also cursed to let others corrupt/influence those feelings. Have you ever marked your face while feeling good about yourself or others? You look delightful, right? Now let’s think while being angry or distressed? You’d not like to look at your angry face in the mirror. It looks unpleasant thus ugly it is. It’s not possible to avoid anger or the feeling of being hurt as we have to deal with dozens of people all along with their actions every day. Believe me there are really annoying and hurtful people out there. They are all eager and ready to make others life hell at any point of time! The government should seriously think about an establishment that could maintain a collection of such people somewhere away from the normal public!

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While you have a bunch of such people in life and life itself is ready to screw you with different situations, it’s not easy to stay or feel confident about yourself. So what? Help yourself… That’s the only solution!! Does your anger help you come out of the situation? Or is it being helpful to deal with the people offending you? No, it never does.

A tight slap instead would work more efficiently sometimes! Just kidding… Such slaps also leave your heart and mind with a vexatious impression. So, not a good or can say a permanent solution!Then, what could be a quick fix? As we are talking about beauty, there’s no scope for irritating ideas. The remedy also should be beautiful i.e. it should make you feel good while you think of it.

Forgiving someone with your heart, mind and soul is the ultimate solution. Absolving others help you soothe yourself. Serenity is always beautiful. And if the person continues to perform his best to frustrate you, forgetting him/her would be the final step. Closing doors on spiteful people is our privilege as human!

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This never is an easy task but results are unbelievable and guaranteed. Worth trying, give at least a single try.The other obstruction in looking or feeling beautiful is the most common which today almost everyone knows or talks about. Don’t assume so fast, it’s not the weight gain! You can appreciate my sense of humor in comments below this article. And sharing the article with friends and family would add to the appreciation a thousand times! Okay, coming back to another reason, it is stress. It has many faces today like,

1. Have to do most of the maintenance things unwillingly like earning; socializing, planning for future, again working hard for it, sacrificing the precious time and the list goes on. People feel trapped in this vicious circle of responsibilities and aspirations, eventually being led to an unpleasant ugliness growing within.

2. Pressure of maintaining the status earned along with the fictitious race with the other people as well as one’s self altogether don’t allow anti-aging cream or beauty treatments to win the competition!

3. Keeping one’s self the last in the list of priorities also help you look displeasing.

4. Most of the time we try to rely on others for the bliss of life and believe that it is someone else’s responsibility to make us feel better. No my friend, it is solely our responsibility and what you get from others is totally its reflection.

So, can we conclude this as to be in harmony with beauty is in your own hands?

But what’s for the above mentioned stress? Give yourself a chance to date with any art form or even unconventional routine breakers. Doing ‘child-like’ (not childish!) things is the best routine breaker. Just try to help yourself take the load off! Try to maintain your mental and physical health instead of only balance sheets. Restore your smile. Keep telling yourself that you are not ALMIGHTY!

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It works like a miracle. Let the real almighty work on you! That’s it.
My socialist friends may think that the world has other issues more important than this working on feel good idea. There are people out there who even don’t have enough sources to live happily. Agreed… But people who don’t have sufficient are quite ahead of the privileged ones while it is about finding happiness or feeling good.

They know that no other person would drag them out of misery, thus work hard to change the situation on their own without having fear of losing anything. They don’t give a damn on what others would think of their ways of feeling good. They earn their beauty by knocking down the life with a brave face!

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So, I believe I have saved a number of colored bills for you today! Haven’t I? Don’t forget to write me back.
Feel good… Look better… Live the best!

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