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A brief introduction to Grammarly. Know how Grammarly could be helpful, you can confidently rely on this tool next time you are writing a blog, an email, or other accuracy-needed content.

It’s always been vital for every blogger and writer to write with zero grammatical and spelling mistakes. Of course, grammar accuracy is essential in other conditions like emailing and business communications, but for a website, this issue could be determinative to whether the audience stays on our page or leaves immediately.

According to Copyblogger, The truth is that something like a punctuation mistake or any dumb error would damage your website reputation seriously. researches by Global Lingo shows that more than 74% of people visiting a website notice grammatical mistakes if the website has, and 59% of them decide not to use the service the website offers.

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So, no matter how engaging and exciting your website is or how high-quality your products and services are, not having the proper proofreading makes your website worthless. Fortunately, since there are many free tools on the internet for this particular purpose, there is no excuse to have these kinds of errors in our blogs and content.

As you don’t need to do the whole proofreading yourself, these tools are supposed to save much time, which is valuable. Grammarly is one of the most intelligent and popular proofreading tools, which is writers’ favorite nowadays. This article will guide you on how Grammarly works and helps you write your content more efficiently. So, get ready to discover its excellent features.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly enables you to communicate with people more professionally and efficiently with the powerful artificial intelligence it has. You can use this application from its website, desktop, mobile phone, and browser extension.

The real-time proofreading of the Grammarly browser extension is an awesome feature it has. You can simply type your text, and Grammarly automatically warns you and underlines the errors simultaneously.

The extension is now available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. The feature that makes Grammarly different from other similar tools is providing suggestions not only for grammar and spelling but also for the style and structure of your sentences and choosing the right words based on your purpose.

It helps you make your sentences more readable to be more engaging for the audience. Grammarly is also suitable for making your content SEO optimized. For example, if a specific word is repeated too much in the text or a particular sentence is too long, making it difficult to read, it suggests some alternatives to make the text more SEO friendly.

When you first enter the Grammarly website to upload or paste your content, it asks you from a pop-up to indicate your purpose of writing the article to give you more suitable and proper suggestions.

You can define whether your audiences are experts or just ordinary people so that you will first determine how joyful, confident, and optimistic it should be.

Now that you specifically defined your target audience and purpose, Grammarly is ready to check your content. Let’s review the features individually to understand better how it works.

Grammarly Product Features

Contextual Spelling

As you already know, spell checking is Grammarly’s primary feature. There are more than 250 types of spelling errors that Grammarly would check; therefore, you can confidently choose the suggestion and keep up.


Grammarly’s grammar checker is so comprehensive and expanded. It knows all the grammar rules and proofreads your text in as much detail as possible very fast.


Although punctuation marks seem not to be effective that much, sometimes they could change the whole meaning.

Rules of using quotations, commas, and other similar marks are always vital. Fortunately, Grammarly is mighty in this.

Sentence Structure

This is the feature that made Grammarly a super-advanced grammar tool. Grammarly checks whether your sentence is simple, complex, compound, or complex for every sentence you write.

For example, if you target a general audience, Grammarly detects sentences that could be difficult to understand or ordinary people and offers you

other alternatives to rewrite your content in the proper structure.


This is the way of expressing thoughts to the audience. It’s divided into three types: descriptive, expository, narrative, and persuasive. For example, Grammarly may suggest you change the passive voice to the active voice to express your thoughts more simply.


Every blogger knows that how vital plagiarism is. If the search engine flags your article as copy & paste content, it seriously damages your reputation in the search engine.

So, it’s essential to look at your blog from the search engine point of view. Grammarly identifies

every sentence that you copy from other websites and finally shows you the plagiarism percentage. Grammarly will underline those sentences and shows their source.


Some structures and styles depend on how you want to look. For example, some people prefer to write in a lively and optimistic manner, while others like neutral. Fortunately, you can define your tone to help Grammarly offer you in your desired style. The options you can choose are: confident, friendly, respectful, optimistic, joyful, urgent, neutral, and analytical. You can select one or more based on your purpose.

Free vs. Premium

Although the main features are available in the free version, upgrading your Grammarly account to premium makes the hints and guides significantly more professional.

The free version includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Other advanced features are included in the premium version, which is $12 per month.

Note that neither Grammarly nor other similar tools are not alternatives to your grammar knowledge and your writing skills. Of course, Grammarly will be significantly helpful, but generally, it’s just an artificial intelligence and not 100% perfect.

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