How online writers and bloggers make money?

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All things online begin with writing. So, there must be a way to make money with this writing skill. As a blogger and writer, Swati shares ways to make money via blogging and creative content writing.

Many people believe that blogging is just a low-income job that’s not worth devoting time to. That is why they never trust blogging as their first job.
However, what is the fact?

Could you really rely on blogging as your first income stream?

The short answer is yes; all you have to do is learn and get familiar with the various ways and tricks of generating revenue. That is why people nowadays are getting attracted to blogging and considering changing their job.

Now you may ask yourself many questions like how much you can earn from blogging, what you should talk about in your blog and the various tricks of earning much money from blogging. Stay with us in this article to discuss all these issues.

Although blogging was just a hobby a few years back besides another full-time job, nowadays, it has become a tremendous profitable profession.

How Much Money Can You Make from Blogging?

First, you have to know that it matters what your level is like in any other profession. It is possible to generate even $10,000 a month if you are a professional.

Generally, your income depends on the niche you choose. Each niche targets a specific group of people. For example, if you blog about pets, people who do not own pets are less likely to read your content. It doesn’t mean that some niches are necessarily going to fail, but it is an influential factor.

The other factor is how you drive traffic to your blog and the digital marketing strategies you are performing because any successful blog needs advertising and marketing.

The next rule to have a successful blog is to dedicate time to learning consistently. Learning never stops and should always be part of your daily life; otherwise, you will encounter failure.

What are the Various Ways Bloggers Make money?

There are many different ways you can earn money, but depending on your niche and the level of your blog, some methods may suit you, and some others don’t. Here we are reviewing some of the most profitable methods you can try.

1. Ad Networks (Beginners)

This is the simplest method to monetise by letting other ad platforms put their ad on your website.

The two best options for this are Google AdSense and These websites put their ads on your website based on the user’s interests. However, the point is to be approved on these websites, so if your views are less than 300 per day, you can choose other services to start.

2. Affiliate Marketing (Most Profitable Method)

Many bloggers are now making money from affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you actually sell other people’s products and get your commission for each product you sell.

You have to get your affiliate link and learn how to advertise it on your blog or channel. Another great thing about affiliate marketing is advertising outside your blog or channels like social media groups, LinkedIn, and similar platforms.

3. Sell Your eBooks (intermediate)

This could be a great way to have passive income. You can pick a topic, compile your eBook, and sell it on Amazon or your blog. This could be very valuable because you are selling your product rather than others.

(Let me know in the comments, if you wish to see my kid’s stories in form of a book / ebook! :) )

4. launch Online Course (Advanced)

Although this method is not generally easy, if you have something to teach and can change your textbook into a video, this could be very profitable for you.

Thanks to technology, many platforms make it easy to sell your online product. Some platforms you can use are LearnDash, New Kajabi, Teachable.

5. Direct Advertisements (Intermediate)

Although Google AdSense is the best advertising program, it has some limitations too. The amount you get from a click is always limited, and if you can run direct ads into your blog, it would be much better.

Like other methods, there are also many valuable tools for direct advertisements. One of the famous tools is a plugin called “WP Advanced Ads,” which is a great way to start.

6. Run Campaign for Brands (Intermediate and Advanced)

If your blog has an established audience base, one of the perfect methods would be to help brands reach their target audience. You will be doing this by running webinars, brand collaboration, or making videos.

The number of websites doing this is consistently increasing, and this method is going to be one of the hottest ways to make money from your blog.

7. Services

You can also advertise your services based on the abilities you have. For example, if you are good at graphic designing, digital marketing, or content writing, this would be a great chance to offer it on your blog.

This is not a complicated process; all you have to do is create a page and place the list of offers. Make sure to provide contact information to let the audience contact you quickly.

Can You Talk about Your Life and Make Money from it?

Yes, this is another popular method by which many bloggers tend to blog about their day-to-day lives rather than other topics. There is no need to have a website necessarily. You can blog in your YouTube channel as a video blogger and create a community around it.

Popular topics you can focus on are travel, entertainment, fashion, motivation, and lifestyle. If you focus on your niche, you could make a considerable amount of money from it.

Nevertheless, the critical point is to keep it entertaining. People get attracted to something that entertains them more than just some general information.

Eventually, you are free to keep up with any method you love more. If you like both blogging and vlogging, it is okay to manage them simultaneously.

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