Yellownotes – Quote of the Week | February 2019 | Week 01

Written by Swati Joshi

February 1, 2019

Dear People, Doing good is not important just ‘coz the world will judge you but for your offspring is learning directly from you!
Dear Govt. Please think about supplying free spinach to the halfwits in our society so that their brains might get plenty blood and be functional someday!
Dear Facebook, You should provide a ‘Back to Reality’ alarm to bring those ‘Almost Aristotle(s)’ back to their real time zone!
Dear World, Diplomacy is an art of tolerating the jerks with a smile n has quite a high success rate!
Dear Men, They’ll motivate you for setting the goals and next, will prevent you from setting out for the same!
Dear Emotionals, I won’t consider you being in pain if it’s just the words; have you ever tried smashing your fingers between the door?
Dear language, Now I know why it’s ‘A word to the wise’; as in case of the unwise, it’ll take paragraphs!
Dear Karma, I don’t believe in stressing you for small jobs; instead, I handle the people on this planet on my own.
Dear World,Strong women, mostly fail to convey that they too are worth being taken care of!


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