Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | July 2020 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

July 25, 2020

25 07 20

Dear Youth,
Attitude is like some rock, you either can build your career using it or can crush it as well.

26 07 20

Dear Human,
Tumbling down is quite obvious, but don’t forget to carry your attitude while you step out, it’ll help you rise again.

27 07 20

Dear Society,
Isn’t the word attitude inexplicable, as when it’s used for a man, it’s a progressive word and when used for a woman, it directly turns out to be a retrogressive one?

28 07 20

Dear Heart,
We may hit some rough patches occasionally, but don’t worry, we’ve a customized attitude for every situation we’re gonna face.

29 07 20

Dear Friends,
Not making any promises, you can count on me forever because commitment is my attitude, it isn’t gonna dwindle with time.

30 07 20

Dear You,
When you think that you can’t help them with anything, deliver some kind words accompanied with a gentle smile, that will be enough!

31 07 20

Dear Man,
Pain and troubles are inescapable, but your attitude decides for how long they’ll keep you company.


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