Yellownotes – Daily Qutoes | October 2020 | Week 04

Written by Swati Joshi

October 25, 2020

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01 10 20

Dear You,
When you find a friend struggling with some tough questions life has offered to him, don’t just advise, giving a hand in support will be all he may need!

02 10 20

Dear Man,
Don’t let people enter your inner sphere of peace, carrying all their emotional garbage!

03 10 20

Dear Child,
Don’t be afraid of the storms, they come and fall out; what you need to learn is to hold your spirit high till it passes away!

04 10 20

Dear Youth,
When you intend to set your bar to ‘Greatness’, start preparing for welcoming great struggles too.

05 10 20

Dear Human,
You’ve been assigned with two important tasks, first is to find the right path meant for you and the second is to walk the path holding your head high!

06 10 20

Dear World,
May you be blessed with a population of morally strong humans who witness the struggles as some lessons the life is trying to introduce them to!

07 10 20

Dear Youth,
Those who try to avoid struggles are losing a chance to become a super hero in their grandchildren’s stories!


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