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November 01, 2019
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Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear World,Documenting every experience takes away the charm of living the moment! – Swati.

Dear Life,Thanks for giving me rough times as it keeps me moving; enriching me as a person. – Swati.

Dear Character,They don’t know that you’re the root for any branch to flourish, whether it be Science, Art or Life itself! – Swati.

Dear Human,Just hold on to faith, compassion and ordinary acts of kindness; it will put you beyond extraordinary! – Swati.

Dear pain,I know now that crossing over yr territory is the only way to reach the terrain of astonishing art! – Swati.

Dear God,I don’t like you to keep me busy in fighting the filthy creatures in my life; I’ve been actually sent here to love mine only. – Swati.

Dear You,Trying to find happiness for yourself is not a crime, but an indispensability. – Swati.

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