Yellownotes – Daily Quotes | Quote for today | October 2020 | Week 03

Your attitude serves as the foundation for the successful future you're working towards. Read some attitude quotes in this week's Yellownotes.

Written by - Swati Joshi

Dear Friend,Your attitude, right or wrong will help you yield the results respectively. – Swati.

Dear World,Courage is not just about jumping off a cliff, but it’s the attitude you hold onto while following your dreams! – Swati.

Dear People,I’d like you to walk a mile wearing my shoe before you start judging my dos and don’ts! – Swati.

Dear Mistakes,I must thank you for all the attention you’ve brought me every single time; my couple of good acts couldn’t do it altogether! – Swati.

Dear Youth,Success is an outcome of the choice you make between coming through outstanding or standing out of the competition. – Swati.

Dear Man,Consider yourself grown up when you find yourself talking politely with a person you think you’ll slap hard on his face the next minute! – Swati.

Dear Kid,Don’t be stressed for all those great success stories, the real life is more about the joy you’ll find in small things! – Swati.

Dear Heart,Thanks for preserving that one green corner for me where I can walk, leaving behind every morose feeling the world keeps on delivering! – Swati.

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