Yellownotes – Daily Qutoes | September 2020 | Week 03

Written by Swati Joshi

September 17, 2020

It’s a week for some quotes about life lessons. Here is quick link to last week’s Yellownotes. Read it Now!.

17 09 20

Dear Human, Need not to punish yourself for not knowing the way to the destination; just walk your next step consciously and you’ll make a considerable progress on your road map.

18 09 20

Dear Artist, Don’t be upset if they aren’t buying your originality; they are gonna perish soon leaving behind a new generation to understand your artifice!

19 09 20

Dear Women, You’re Nature’s physical form, as trying to please everyone doesn’t work for you, trying to please only yourself won’t work either; you need balance to create HAPPINESS!!

20 09 20 1

Dear Youth, Don’t let challenges scare you, instead use them as some instrument that could help you find your intrinsic strength.

21 09 20

Dear Friend, Not everyone can be a writer, but each of us stands a chance to live a life that someone might like to write about!

22 09 20

Dear Life, Give me the storms you have and I’ll fight them hard, evolving as a new me every time!

23 09 20

Dear Man, Let your fears drive your life and get ready to be doomed or just give your aspirations that driving seat and touch the sky!

24 09 20

Dear Self, We can’t fight everything and win every time; there are times when we just survive!


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