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J. Krishnamurti said, “There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” – so, whether you’re the kid or the parents, learning is a process you undergo together. And we need not to decide about ‘what to learn’, what we all should care for is ‘How to learn!?’ This whole process adds up the beauty, happiness n knowledge to our lives.

The day comes. The man is prepared already with all the sources and assistance he can have. Here, in India, the man has not to worry much when her woman says that ‘her waters broke!’ just because the family must have been shown before it happens. This is quite relieving for the man (and of course for the woman also!).

In a woman’s life, this is your date with Nature. The Nature will introduce you today with what actually ‘being woman’ is!! You will realize the meaning of your EXISTENCE. You will know how much and what it takes to become a mother, putting your fortitude to a test (who else can teach you this better than Mother Nature!) So, now it is the time to face the eternal truth of life. What is the eternal truth?? -Beauty? Wonder? Happiness? Peace? Knowledge? No, I think these are by products of the truth we are meant to live with. Pain and Beginning are the only axiom of life here. You must be thinking how beauty, wonder, happiness, peace or knowledge can relate to pain. But, once if you go through this experience of giving birth, you will know this well. The amaranthine pain (literally as it seems endless and it has that deep red color of blood too!), you feel while giving birth will be out of this world and the female must be proud for being her like that because the creator has only provided her with this strength of delivering a life to the Earth on his behalf! The women who already have felt this would agree that it feels like returning from a tour to heaven (the pain makes us mention the hell instead!!) saying “hello” to the God. And while it ends, you too feel reborn!!

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Reborn, totally being someone else- A mother! The difference is not felt so profoundly until you look at the new life reposing beside you. Touch of its tiny, tender and rosy body will supersede the extreme pain you were in before few moments. This is the beginning! So, aren’t you able to calculate the sum of this pain and beginning?? It is indeed beauty, wonder, happiness, peace and knowledge or in one word – the Life!

Now, as our title says, a new syllabus starts or can say the learning process begins. One second, here we need to understand that this learning is not meant for the baby only but the parents also ought to start learning a few things. It is because they are as neophytes to the parenting as the baby is to its diaper days!! :) The baby has come with few inbuilt ‘programs’ so, let it revise and practice its capabilities instead of starting with its so called ‘bringing up module’. Parents who want to control everything need to remember that they haven’t made the baby learn smiling, crying, giggling, dreaming or even sucking. Have they? The baby is also sent with that realization of its existence. So, it will manage most of the things if you give it a proper space and most importantly its time. I have seen few parents trying to give their babies almonds or some brain empowering tonics in infancy!! (I believe they need to take those instead). The baby will start learning by itself. All you need to do is to assist when it feels to be helped. Your having brought the baby to the world doesn’t prove your supremacy. It is just a part of a natural course like you put a bolus in your mouth and it starts chewing it! So, you must believe that something or someone (here, the Nature- no superstition at all!) is taking care of all of you.

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Parents now should train themselves to have patience! (Again?? –yes it is with us from the cradle to the grave!!) They need to accept that they haven’t brought this life to the planet just to be a gladiator in their gridiron!! The baby is not a customized gift sent to earn his wings on your behalf. You won’t be able to make it run your race even though you want it to! Yes, you can provide it with a fighter’s attitude or can make it ready with packing a rod for future. This would help it learn many things quite easily. But, do this keeping in mind that it is just a baby and will take a little longer to understand what you are providing after extracting that out of the years of your experiences.

The realization of being a parent; sometimes alarms you that there are countless things you have to finish. A number of things you need to arrange. Innumerable things you have to plan. But, take a breath before you rush and take a moment to think that it is just a new zone you have entered in. The world is the same place you were living in before. It is as simple as a bird gets its wings or a tree blossoms! So, relish it creating memories and keep on doing what you were. The life has much more in its bag; this is just the beginning. The baby has to finish his course and so do you but all you need is to take time. Thus, taking baby steps will help you both!!

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