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Socrates said, “Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what’s good for us!” So, blessing the baby with the ability to sustain hope, faith, and courage along with some deep rooted patience is in our control, everything else the world will let it learn!

The heading may seem to you a bit old fashioned in the era of rationalism where majority of the matters are judged on the basis of logic and reality. But, Science has also proven the influence of prayers on our mind and body. Pregnancy time is the period of vacillation (where the person feels indecisive). Angst, uncertainty and nervousness are absolutely normal feelings for a mom to be. Here I am talking about the mom because in India, the man plays a passive role in pregnancy. It is not because he is not interested or being irresponsible but it is our economy that doesn’t allow him to participate actively!!! How?? — It is because we belong to the youngest country in the world; the government can’t afford to give paternity leave to each and every ‘would be father’ and for we are the second most populated country too!! I am leaving rest of the statistics to you :)

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However, the man is passive; he feels the same pressure because of his woman behaving weird though unknowingly. Today, most of the couples plan everything in advance so, most of them are prepared for such conditions but even though everything is read and heard, it is quite different to discuss a situation than to be a part of it. This is the time when the woman is more involved than the man so, she needs someone or something that can soothe her and mainly keep her calm in her period of transition. She feels the kicking and knocking in her belly very exciting and surprisingly wonderful but at the same time it is little freaky too! (Ask the woman!!) In present days, most of the families are nuclear in urban areas. It’s not that family values are vanishing but it’s a kind of side effect of development, you can say! People getting more chances for better education, resulting into great job opportunities and finally flying little away from the nests! Thus, though the woman or the family want to support each other, it is not possible every time. So, it is better to find a way to handle the whole stuff patiently relieving others also indirectly.

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From where can this patience be brought? It’s rooted inside us but its growing into a tree totally depends on how it has been nurtured while growing up. Prayer is a virtue almost all of us have been taught however the different backgrounds we are raised in. It is the humus of our ‘patience compost’!! As the woman is advancing towards the end of this whole pregnancy episode, she is considerate about her child to learn the maximum she can provide it with. But, I believe learning is a process that only ends with the end of our existence so, instead of worrying or thinking, the mom must start praying resolutely. Praying is not asking for something but it is all about handing over yourself to someone you believe in and who you think is more powerful than all your problems and worries.

Prayer is not saying something but it is feeling from the bottom of your heart. The more you will pray, the less you will welcome awe! It occupies the space in your heart and mind keeping the fear and anxiety away from you. Practicing this more will evaporate the uneasiness totally. Sometimes, the woman is not in such a terrified state as I have mentioned earlier. Still, there is a scope for her to pray. Prayer is also feeling grateful for what you have. There is someone who is taking care of you and your baby so, feeling thankful for “HIM” is also praying. Prayers also help to ablate the misbeliefs you have been supplied by people. It is about facing the openness instead of the helpless woe of being closed inside.

In an urban life style, the woman is all alone with her baby(s) most of the time so, there are fair chances of her getting involved in lots of useless thinking or we can say unnecessary worrying. So, praying can help her to keep calm and get out of such weakened state helping the baby to be stronger as it is candid talk to one to one. Analytical minds may not agree to this but here is a quote from Mahatma Gandhi that helps me strengthen my beliefs about prayers-

“Prayers are no superstition; they are acts more real than the acts of eating, drinking, sitting or walking.”

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The young generation believes the prayer to be an amusement for idle elders or they look at it as a tool in the time of agony. But it is a way to hope, faith, love, courage, composure, patience and finally PEACE. So, now check the list the parents want for the baby, isn’t it here?? The woman can use this as a potent instrument for her baby’s complete mental and physical development helping herself to be calm and composed at the same time. It will provide the baby its inner strength for what there are no any academic courses designed yet!

There is a new life that’s gonna see this world soon; giving yourself and your baby to the supreme will help you to feel protected and to give a chance to introduce your baby to the immensity (the large scale of our existence!). A quote from Dr. Joseph Murphy suits all the moms and the ending of this article the best…

“Your desire is your prayer. Picture the fulfillment of your desire now and feel its reality and you will experience the joy of the answered.”

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