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What to do to get those desired qualities in your kid? We all know that parenting doesn’t come with a guidebook so, want some dependable ideas? I have these parenting tips in this article just for you. And by the time, why don’t you try these ways to become wonderful parents?

During pregnancy, there are zillions of thoughts come and pass by your mind. If you are having your first baby, then it becomes really a challenge to be able to pick the right thought to stick on. Precisely speaking, you get confused whether to be yourself or to follow the advice you have been piled up with. Here you just can’t follow the instinct but there are family members, friends and well-wishers who are eagerly chipping in this Euphoria! You can override the others; whom you need to be careful about is yourself!

parenting article image swatisjournal 01 - swati's Journal short story Can Google help to change this?

In most cases, girls are well educated today and the internet is serving as the second mother! So, would be parents almost know everything about how to… when to… why to… what to… kind of questions. This adds up to the confusion. Just because, whatever they are acquiring through reading, internet or any other sources is just the information not the interpretation!! The anabolism of the concept is totally an individual thing. Your mindset would definitely influence the analysis of the information. Surge of data has lessened its trustworthiness and it is also transforming you into a “Doubting Thomas”! Thus, people are developing a tendency to doubt almost everything.

Girls now days even ‘Google’ about the medicines prescribed by the doctors. (I think it actually helps the doctor as that worsens the condition of the patient making them visit the doctor more! ;) ;) ) Still the question is at its place that knowing everything about pregnancy can’t guarantee you a perfect child so, what to do to have a baby with all the desired qualities?

Parenting Tips

For that, first of all you will have to be very much clear about a few things.

  • Accept that you know very little about this state of yours.
  • Though it is for the second, third or fourth time, it never feels the same!
  • Trust at least one or two persons to follow their advice believing that they are trying to help you.
  • Now days, this trust thing is disappearing!
  • Focus more on what you want for your baby instead of what you don’t want.
  • The qualities of people you like must be remembered instead of sticking on the people you don’t like. Sometimes the negativity overtakes the positivity only because of dwelling into empty space. So, keeping your mind as full with good thoughts as your tummy is with food is the only solution for saving your baby from giving it a dose of negativity that you have harvested through various experiences.
  • Keep yourself occupied with some creative or productive work, before your ‘product’ enters the world!!
  • Need not to be scared as you are not the first in this terrene world who is going to be a parent
  • Four children are born when you have breathed in and another four while you have breathed out!!

parenting article image swatisjournal 02 - swati's Journal short storyParenting is all about bringing your brighter side to the surface, keeping the darker one curbed. This is because children learn faster through imitating and I am quite sure that no one wants his/her child to grow into an antagonist! There will be many people, experiences or incidents that you won’t wish to be influencing your baby. Then they definitely will not because it is totally in your control till it resides you. What you need to do is to think about or to act upon the right thing or look into the right direction. What would be the right direction then? I would say, everything that has an affirmation which soothes you from inside is the right thing. The direction in which your thoughts don’t carry a baggage of prejudices with is the right direction.

Now, it is impossible to hide from the negativity but to let it shade you or not is completely in your domination. Controlling is something we humans have liked since we are human!! Little efforts and plenty of willingness can help us do whatever we want to. Here, in this case it is not just a want but a wish rather a need it is so, one can manage effortlessly (not really, actually growing a pumpkin on a…!)

All you have to do is to wipe out “I can’t” and to rewrite “I can” facing the right direction!

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