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Every parent intends to give the baby what is best for him/her. While crafting this ‘what to give syllabus’, we forget some basic rules that’d help us build a genuine life! Handing over the acumen will be sufficient for the kid. Providing with a sense of balance and stability will do the rest.

As the baby starts growing inside the woman; a variety of notions start evolving in people’s mind surrounding her. The ideas about what values must be “installed” into the child to be born. Everyone finds one’s self into a cut throat competition to formulate the ‘Syllabus’!! Especially, there remains a close contest between maternal and paternal families of the baby.

People usually focus on contributing the best of the principles they know about living. This includes ideals, ethics, morals etc. (Which they themselves will start proving wrong while it comes to practice the same!!). Another value everyone remarkably tries to build in is the religious value! The woman is exposed to so many religious services, she is hoarded with religious books to understand those at once as if the baby will directly understand that and will turn into a prophet in months.

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Prophet in months? Really?

Why to waste time in hiding behind the curtains of all goodness? I am not saying to make the baby understand about what and how wrong this world has been (that is also a relative idea… Good and bad always exist together; what you pick will decide the result!), as it is not the right time to do it. But I believe that the baby must be taught the difference between right and wrong and the values that can make it pick the right one.


This quote from Lincoln’s letter brings my ideas clearly to you…

“Let him have the courage to be impatient… let him have the patience to be brave. Teach him always to have sublime faith in himself, because then he will have sublime faith in mankind!”

Abraham Lincoln has written this to his son’s teacher but I strongly believe that the mother is the best teacher a child can have either it be Mother Nature or the mother herself.

Values like Courage, bravery, sense of responsibility, independence and perseverance must be taught to lead the child to the status what we measure as “SUCCESS” but along with that we will have to teach the baby values like patience, self-contentment, gratitude, forgiveness etc. leading the child to inner peace.

Really a big order it is yet not impossible either. Only making the mother listen or read good things would not help this. For this, both the parents will have to work together containing compassion, loyalty, honesty and cooperation. Both of them will have to overcome their weaknesses and also will have to start working hard for the baby’s actual build up.

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Religion can act as compass!

As mentioned earlier, the mother is being loaded with religious perceptions the most during this pregnancy period. This is partially a reliance on the almighty to overcome the fear of unknown. We must let the religion become a guide or a directive of righteousness instead of being the rule book for living. Religious teaching must be taught but, one must edit the wrong threatening beliefs or useless ‘unscientific’ customs before surpassing those to the off spring! The religion can become a torch in the darkness of disparity but on the same time it can lead one to the state of dependence if misinterpreted. There is a very thin line between faith and superstition. The core values of any religion remains the same worldwide so, that is the area one should work up on. That will help the kid to be a great human being- that every parent intends to make the child. And believe me it starts from the womb!

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Gifting your baby a good healthy body as well as a great progressive mind is the best parenting behavior. Giving it an affinity towards any Art will be a cherry on the cake!! Art tunes up anyone’s life quite smoothly. These few months are the right time to endow your baby with a little prudence, wit and soundness of judgment or describing in one word as Sanity!! Doing this with a clear mind and firm intentions will lessen your work in upcoming years and will also facilitate you to knead your dough for a new recipe!!

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