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Death is just not a notion, but more of a natural happening we’ve witnessed time and again. Have you ever got a chance to think, what would ‘the remaining’ be feeling when it has the real experience? Read this extraordinary piece here, taking you to the summit of your BEING!

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Death, the entrance to an inescapable eternal life means differently for everyone. But the one experiencing it has that unique sensation of detachment from the body that we can’t feel or mold into words. The time when one leaves his body and before his escort comes to receive him; there is this interval where he witnesses the whole process of his departure. For him the initial experience of anguish and distress gradually turns into acquaintance with serenity, warmth and disintegration. Incremation becomes his final ritual from where he has to renounce his identity leaving behind the versions of his being in his people’s memories. What accompanies him now is the light of those flames and the spark within!

“Of what was and what could be
Standing across a funeral pyre
Visibly shaken, I am shocked
Rather uptight, tongue tight

Fire flames, pile of woods
Rustling trees, a familiar scene
Still in slumber, mind at ease
Stood here before, like in a dream I have been

Seconds fly while eternity I burrow
Believed they were free, in a self-imposed cage
They walked right by, my eyes followed
Yet still I am here, in the depths of my rage

Stiff as a plank, locked in a stare
Like a rooted tree, I gawked
I was ceased, surprisingly pleased
Like in formation, a metamorphic rock

As the vision blurred
Finally, I broke free
Distant albeit aware
Silhouetted face
Perpetual revelation
Like a puzzling grace
Strange but true
All that I am
It is you.”

Sharing few more such good poems from the list of poetry in English on lithub.

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