The Girl and the Lake – Poetry in English | Japan Vora

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The Girl and the Lake – Poetry in English | Japan Vora

Enjoy reading short english poems in English on Swati’s Journal.

Girls, people talk so much about this phenomenal creation of God. Still they don’t get even a fraction of it. A girl carrying all the contradictions of the world though looks delicate, but is not! Capable of loving with all her heart and soul, when she faces deception; taking a pause, she sits calmly. She owns a strong brain all along with a soft heart. Girls are capable of analysing situations so profoundly that nothing can damage her permanently. After sitting for a while, with a clear head, she can smile because she knows that with the Sun going down, her sorrows are gonna settle down too. Now, her eyes are only filled with the light of her dreams, no tears can replace them. Here the still water of the lake depicts the girl’s psychology past redemption!!

“The girl wanders by the lake
As the mystery kept her awake
Now she feels her desires are smothering
Sitting by the lake, cold and bitter

Her caring heart was overwhelmed
Breeze reminded of her dreamy realm
And now she wonders about her bothering
Only she could find what hit her!

It’s to be felt, how could she discuss?
So she never does speak thus.
Wouldn’t want to cause a fuss
So she never states it.

She watches the sun going down
With goes her silly dream, silly pursuit
Things she wouldn’t wish to know
But the memory complicates it

What’s lingering inside, now doesn’t matter
Promises of tomorrow doesn’t really flatter
Sitting on the rock, spellbound, stillness of this lake She knows in this moment, her heart couldn’t break

Silence bridges the gap between her views
Pain washes away, her existence brand new
She’s happy for the time she could spare
By this lake she’s free, she wouldn’t care”!

Sharing few more such good short poems in English.

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