Zen Inception – Poetry in English | Japan Vora

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Zen Inception – Poetry in English | Japan Vora

Enjoy reading short english poems in English on Swati’s Journal.

Amidst the spring flowers, in a freezing snow, Seated alone on a mountain top.

The mountain had no beginning, the cold knew not its year.

Emptiness was scattered, the land disappeared.

Serene holding of flowers, meeting of mind in a smile.

One becomes the autumn moon, breeze between the pines.

In a boundless space, rivers, hills and lands, In time without beginning and end.

Unless we achieve enlightenment, How are we to possess a mind That sees through and casts away

And becomes the ONE nature, the TRUE kind.

In a delusion, I’m attached to home, Remembering “The form is void.” Forgetting “The void too is form.”

Seated on a mountain top, I see life rapidly passes. Too busy and exhausted,

ignored the beauty that process amasses.

Forget the rush, everything takes time. The moon appears, the flower blossoms. Escape the despair, positively transform,

Only thing it takes is to change the attitude of mind.

If our disposition is sunny, the world is bright sunshine.

With an attitude of Zen joy, life will be bathed in sunshine.

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