It’s okay to relax once in a while

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Don’t you think, youth today has to work quite hard to achieve their pre-decided goals? It takes a toll on them in terms of mental pressure and physical exhaustion. Read this account of a young working girl here expressing the same psyche! You might also like to read this article on being yourself.

Does it ever happen that you want to do something but you don’t know where to start?
Like, you know you have to do it,
And there’s no other option,
But still you are so confused and clueless. You just can’t relax.

You cannot gather enough motivation,
Or just simply feel lazy.

Yes, that happens!

I have experienced it too.
Let’s see what exactly that feeling is…

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Is it just me or does everyone hate Mondays?
I know I just have to repeat the same old routine,
Which I barely even like.

It is extremely stressful to continue a job that doesn’t interest me,
Or probably which doesn’t hold my passion.

I’m so confused I don’t know what is right or wrong,
Or what anything is right now?

Am I doing the right thing, am I even happy?

I am so easily distracted, I don’t know anything anymore,
Every morning I wake up with the same struggle,
“Is this path right for me?” I ask myself every day,

It is not just Monday –

I have started to dislike each and every day,
It literally feels like hell, I am just moving, like a lifeless puppet.

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I don’t know what I have become,

At first, I thought that it’s just the work environment, that’s doing this to me.
Or it’s just me being lazy and nothing more.

But now that I look back,
It’s not the life that I wanted for myself.

In Fact, I never even thought about what I wanted in my life or how I wanted it to be.

A path is laid out for me and I have to follow without question,
I have been given assignments to finish before arriving at my workplace.

When I sit down to do that, I start having millions of thoughts,
And thus, end up delaying whatever is in front of me.

Because it is so boring, instead Netflix and scrolling social media is fun at least.

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I want to scream right now, this is so exhausting and boring and everything that I don’t want to do anymore,
Well that’s true, it’s all because I am confused. I need to relax.

I don’t know where I stand in my life, I don’t know what the future will hold.
I keep doubting myself, because I am confused.
I keep delaying things because I am confused.

And I don’t feel like anyone is there for me anymore,
Maybe the reason is, I have been doing this for too long and I’m just tired,
Putting on a happy face, trying to find true bonds, it is tough.

I guess it’s okay if I rest a little while, probably find out my purpose,
I can’t leave everything but I can at least try to relax,

It won’t hurt anyone, right?

Conclusion –

  • Sometimes it’s better not to push things and just relax, or you may end up making it worse.
  • When you are feeling lost and you try to jump, it’s a possibility that you might fall harder.
  • If you find yourself delaying something that you have to do, you just need to ask yourself why you are doing that. You will find the answer, and it’s okay if it takes time.
  • If things get too out of hand, you should first try to calm yourself, in situations like these mistakes are very likely to happen.
  • And lastly, why you feel this way. It’s probably that you are not very interested in the activity and that’s why you delay, or there are a lot of things more entertaining than you have to do or you find no appreciation in what you are doing, or you simply are not motivated enough. Find the reason, take it easy on yourself, and you’ll do better than ever.
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