Valentine’s day - Have you ever looked at it like this?


How much does love cost you? In previous years, no one could have answered this but, now we can… It’s a huge industry out there! Read similar articles here!

Celebrations ( Valentine’s day in particular!) are good and always a thing we look forward to. People get a chance to express themselves n enjoy the time stolen from their busy schedules on such occasions. We’re living in a time when we conveniently get specially marked days which allow us to convey the exact feelings we have. Valentine’s Day is believed to be one of such days. Most of us will do what rest of the world is doing (World here means, wherever this has made its place in society).

India is a fun loving country so, we adapt anything n everything that causes celebration. Here, I must add; most of the times we do it without knowing the actual reason to party!! Whether it is bringing Ganapati home, ‘riding the Reindeer’ for kids, taking ice bucket challenge, celebrating New Year (s) (we’ve multiple New year celebrations through out the year!) or even painting the town red with La Tomatina (Yes, we do have this too!)

So, I guess the actual reason behind celebrating February 14, must be still unknown to many, right? Let’s take a look at a little piece of history here…

Transition of Christianity from Pre-Roman to Roman had brought over the head changes in festivities and rituals, which also involved a festival known as Lupercalia, a celebration to avert the evil spirits and to increase fertility. This festival was replaced by the Valentine’s Day that commemorates the execution of 3rd century Roman saint Valentine! And most importantly, St. Valentine had nothing to do with the whole idea of love, dating, engagement or marriage!! (Whatever you’ve heard are the stories told by the people involved in this trade)

Now, tell me what are you celebrating this day for? Is it for expressing your sentiments to your beloved one? Then, check this out…

Valentine’s Day is totally a commercial celebration of romance! How??

It has a business franchise of hundreds of Crores all over the world. Only the USA alone has spent almost $18 billion+ over the gifts, flowers, cakes, chocolates, dinner n dance and what not! (Other countries haven’t gotten such analysis so, it’s the US only). But, I can tell that we won’t be far behind!

India has estimated export orders of roses worth Rs. 25–27 Crore this year just to celebrate this day. Costing you at its best eventually!! (Farmers are totally loving this day!)

Bakeries, confectioneries and the hotel industry are the next to get the benefits n they do not deliver the value for money to add up to the profits, which is quite common as we know. (Indirectly, making your partner n your pocket feel sick!)

Still, if you’re desperate to climb on the bandwagon; I’d suggest you to have a justifiable reason. So, why don’t you celebrate the day in the name of our own goddess of beauty n charm, Madhubala? She was born on Feb 14. She has been a dream for many of the people who actually have felt n known the meaning of romance, charisma n love. (Yes, we might not know it as much as they do… talking about your parents n grandparents!)

And it’s kind of silly that to whatever extent we know about some St. Valentine, we might not be aware of this beautiful lady’s life. Like, her being photographed for the ‘Life’ magazine was the first ever incident of any Indian actor’s presence in Hollywood! There are so many interesting stories about her love life too. So, I think it’s better to follow someone’s life who in reality had felt the emotions instead of following some unfortunate lore about a stranger!

What do you say; shall we start it from today?

So, wishing all of you a very Happy Valentine’s day with your own reasons to love, care and respect!!

P.S. You won’t find here about it’s being a day to love the needy, making promises to your parents or about holding the flag of Indian values… social media is flooding with it, take a dip if you need to!

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