Destined! – A Short Story in English

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It’s destiny that decides about what one attains or will be paying off in various relations. People are together or separated because they’re destined to. Read “Try is Better than Cry – Short Motivational Story” from a friend and fellow writer.

Aadit, I want to talk to you about uncle’s condition here.” says Dr. Parag.

“What? Is it serious or something?”

“See, we think that he is having psychogenic amnesia, a condition where he has a memory loss due to severe trauma. And as you know about what he just has been through….”

…… “He will be cured but we can’t say how long it would take.”

Aadit spends a few moments mindlessly . Then composing himself, he asks Parag if he could take Mr. Achyut Kamdar home. Parag tells him that they will have to keep Mr. Kamdar in hospital for few more days and Aadit can take him home most probably in a week.

The next day, Kaveri brings things Mr. Kamdar would need for his stay in the hospital. Achyut Kamdar fails to recognize either Kaveri or Aadit.

“Ma, I know how difficult this is going to be for you….” says Aadit to Kaveri.

“Don’t worry. He is not only your responsibility but mine too. We are destined to be bound to him.” Kaveri replies calmly.

Achyut Kamdar is getting better day by day but neither doctors nor Aadit could help him with his memory.

“Papa, do you want something?”

Achyut gazes Aadit strangely but Aadit without a trace of discomfort or irritation treats him like a child. Kaveri accompanies him in anything and everything. From his diet to his evening stroll, she is taking care of each small thing cautiously. When she takes Achyut for his evening walk, people giving them a dubitable though compassionate eye has been a familiar routine for her. But Aadit and Kaveri both are very much hopeful about Achyut getting his memory restored. So, both are giving it an honest effort.

One night, Achyut has slept while Kaveri and Aadit are almost done with their dinner.

Kaveri: “Aadit, it has been six months. We must think about Manjari’s asthi-visarjan (the rite of immersion of bones and ashes after cremation).”

Deep silence is lingering inside the room.

Kaveri: “I know it is not easier for me either. I am her mother too but I believe she needs to be freed. It’s her right. We should not bind her like this.”

Aadit, breaking his silence: “Yes Ma, I also want to set her free but I want papa to do it as it was her wish and I want him to do this mindfully so that he can let her go consciously……”

……… “I know it is not any important for him right now but what about the guilt he would have after getting his memory back? I want to liberate him also from the stigma of killing Manjari. We all know that it was an accident. Anyone could have that and it was not his fault at all. Just because he was driving the car doesn’t prove him a killer. And the important thing that matters most to me is Manjari wanted it that way.”

Kaveri: “I am proud of you my strong son. Achyut is lucky to have you. Do what you want to.”

Aadit: “I love you ma, I don’t know how could have I managed without you standing firmly beside me!”

Seven more months have passed. Achyut Kamdar has recovered remarkably though not completely. He now recognizes Kaveri and Aadit and understands the present situation. He has even recalled the day Manjari died. But Aadit’s strong and affectionate support has saved him of being shredded. And in the next few months, things have started falling into order.

Today, both are leaving for Haridwar to liberate Manjari from all her worldly bindings. The reservation list on the railway coach has two names confirmed Mr. Achyut Kamdar and Mr. Aadit Rai!! One is going to set her daughter free while another is keeping the promise he had given to his wife. Kaveri waves; bidding her daughter in law a final farewell with wet eyes!

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