10. He’s there down the memory lane!

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Life is full of surprises. There must be a substantial reason for Amogh to call Shubhra for meeting. Can’t wait to know about “11. The Final Note!”

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The telephone rings at Shubhra’s place. Rajvi picks the phone and after listening to the other end, she hands over the phone to Shubhra.

Shubhra: “Okay, I will be there by five. By the way, thank you so much.”

She tells Rajvi about the call and asks if she can drive her to the place by five. Rajvi nods happily in affirmation. After making a call to Medhansh and few arrangements for kids, Rajvi drives Shubhra to the place quite known to her. They have to drive for next two hours.

During these two hours, Shubhra has in her memories Gautam’s last few years sheathing her mind totally. How for the first time in Kashmir, he forgot Swadha at an ice-cream shop, how in next few months he started feeling difficult to remember small things and about his daily routines, then gradually forgetting a few names of very close persons including Rajvi and Maurya! And how in a period of three years he started having difficulty in telling about his needs and finally started remaining silent not because he didn’t feel like speaking but because words began to vanish from his mind. It was very difficult for everyone in family to understand and to accept this situation that doctors have simply named Dementia!!

The car stops in a large premises. Shubhra steps back into present.
After meeting the authority, an aide is sent with them to take both the ladies to meet the person they are here for.

“Mr. Amogh, you have visitors!” says the assistant.

Amogh welcomes both the ladies with an unacquainted smile.

Shubhra is more than happy to meet Amogh one to one. Rajvi takes a round of the beautiful garden in the premises, giving both of them some time together.

It has been seven thirty and they have to return home. So, both leave calling it a night to Amogh. Shubhra takes a snooze on the way back to home.

Maurya, Swadha and Medhansh have finished their dinner and are waiting for both the ladies. Shubhra with Rajvi, finishes her sandwiches. All the three are waiting eagerly for her to devour it just to know about her meeting with Amogh.

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