08. What he has to say?

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Fighting spirit makes the endeavour fruitful yet leaves a handful of scars on heart, mind or both. Time for the eleventh letter, “09.It’s a turbulent sea out there!”

Taking this romantic story further with a new episode.

Swadha has a letter in her hand for her grandmother. She hands it over to Shubhra with a naughty smile. Meanwhile, Maurya enters the room to meet her grandmother as he is going out of town for a football tournament.

“What is going on here ladies?” asks Maurya

“Grandma has got a reply from her pen friend.” Swadha with a giggle tells Maurya

“Really, has he written back?” Maurya is happily surprised.

“See, young lady this is Maurya’s magic. I told you learning computer will be worthy for you.” He continues.

“Now, show me what has he written?” Swadha asks eagerly.
Shubhra opens the letter with a feeling totally new for her. The letter is rather a note.

“Hello Shubhra,

It is wonderful to read you. Keep writing.

Best wishes,

“What is this? Is it a reminder?”…

“…Grandma, I am bit disappointed with this.” says Swadha.

“Come here my sweet little girl. What had you expected, a romantic note? Dear girl, he is my pen friend and considering his age and condition, I was not even expecting this coming from him. Right Maurya?” explains Shubhra

Maurya nods affirmatively. He leaves for his trip giving Shubhra a warm hug. Shubhra murmurs in his ears,
‘Thanks for everything!”

Maurya waves a goodbye with a smile.

In next three weeks, Shubhra writes in her three letters about how they worked to make their small business, a prominent name in the food industry. Medhansh completing his M.B.A. and taking up major responsibilities in the company, His getting married to Rajvi, Their buying a big, beautiful bungalow which Gautam had always wanted for his family. Rajvi getting Maurya and Swadha in next few years.
In short, she mentioned in her letters how their life had been a part of any fairy tale. Fortune had showered them with both its hands. But no picture is perfect without having few dark colors; equally, here Shubhra’s heart started giving her some hard times too.
In these three weeks she has got two more letters (though small) from Amogh appreciating her courage to write so transparently and feeling sorry for her ailment. He has written that he reads all the letters together whenever gets time and by now he feels that he had been through the journey of Shubhra’s life.

Shubhra is happy about the communication getting started slowly from the other end. She reads Amogh’s letters twice or thrice and starts for her eleventh letter this week…

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