11. The Final Note!

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11. The Final Note!


It’s all about care and love. Read previous episodes, if you missed.

Swadha being a teenager, is waiting for Shubhra with gusto. She is unable to forbear so, finally breaking the silence, Swadha : “Come on Grandma, we are waiting for very long. Come fast.”

Maurya: “Don’t be impatient. She is coming.”

Shubhra coming to them sits beside Medhansh.

“Okay, ask whatever you want to.”

Swadha: “Did he recognize you? I mean did grandpa recognize you?”

Shubhra with a smile, “No dear, Mr. Amogh Gautam did not recognize me!”

Maurya: “Didn’t he call you to meet him?”

Shubhra: “Yes indeed but as all of us know he can’t speak or express as we can but still after reading all those letters together he felt that I am someone he wants to meet. So, I got a call from the hospital today in the afternoon and we met.”

Swadha: “What did both of you talk then?”

Shubhra: “He tried to convey that he feels compassionate about my crestfallen life and he feels some kind of connection with me.”

Swadha: “Wow, that’s great. I think you should meet him frequently so that he would remember everything in next few months and after that we would bring grandpa home.”

Shubhra and Medhansh look at each other purposefully.
Medhansh: “No, it won’t be anything like that. He will forget about meeting her soon. And everything will vanish from his memory once again.”

The room stands still.

Shubhra breaking the quietude: “I think that is the charm of our relation. He will forget everything one more time and I will write him about our lives every time. Very few are so lucky in this world to get a chance to relive their lives over and over again.”

Maurya: “Grandma, don’t you feel hurt about this?”

Shubhra; “No son, I already have missed one and a half year to decide about this. Fear of getting hurt is not as harrowing as the feel of losing him forever. And life is all about standing up for someone. Here it has been easier to keep on trying as I am doing it for the love of my life. Falling of curtains is inevitable but I don’t want to face it with any regret in my heart. So, let me try to be with him one more time any shorter the period it might be.”

Shubhra stands up slowly as it is her time to sleep.

It has been a week and she is ready facing the computer once again to start with her twelfth letter.

“Hi there,

Hope my letter finds you healthy.

This is my 12th letter to you and though I know that like always, a person is there with you who reads my letters to you, I want to tell you that after meeting you, I think you are the person who can help me dissolve my solitude.

So, I hope you won’t mind being my friend for long.

I have a handful of things to finish so, saying goodbye today but see you the next week with another story of my life, face to face.

Will be waiting for a call from you.

Your friend,


Amogh is ready for his sundown stroll with a peerless repose.

The life never follows the pattern known to us so, it may not turn out as we plan. But, being human we must not give away the idea of what if it changes its mind and turns out favourably. We don’t know its master plan after all. We have to keep seeking what the life has gotten for us. And if this treasure has to be found; pure, unconditional love is the only key!

The End.

I found you bigger collection of such stories about care. Hope you’d love it.

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