09. It’s a turbulent sea out there!

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09. It’s a turbulent sea out there!


Let’s read ahead a story in English The 12th letter.

Amogh has started a fresh day with this engaging letter along with not so interesting breakfast.

“Hi there,

Thank you for writing me back. I really appreciate your efforts.

So, now I hope that you know me better than it was a few months back. And believe me it is beyond my expectations. At some point of time, we as human stop believing in trying. And the same happened to me a few years back. But the other fact is that life is also not that heartless as we think it is. I may have puzzled you but you would understand this after reading the following.

I am trying to tell you about my last five years where our lives have taken a dreary turn. Gautam had grown old enough to get retired. And Medhansh already had learnt every know-how of our business leading it very successfully. So, Gautam and I were nearly enjoying our retirement at the fullest. It was when we were in Kashmir for our summer vacation with Maurya and Swadha. Medhansh and Rajvi were busy those days so, we brought kids with us for holidays. But, as we could never do it, this time also we could not envision the grief waiting for the right time to accompany us one more time! And I can say that it was only the beginning as divine decree had decided to bring our hands down……”

Shubhra wrote everything about what happened during Kashmir trip. And about how their life started changing after that.

Amogh reads the letter calmly. It feels to him that there is some collation between his life and of the woman he is reading about. Today he wants to do something different so, skips all his routines and brings out all the letters from his drawer to read all of them together. He reads them all by afternoon. Something has changed in him today.

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