Lethal Love – A Short Story in English

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When the love is blind, the problems are teensy but, when the love is hefty, the difficulties are also herculean! Read more stories Here.

Once up on a time there was a town where lived Bheem Singh. He was a cattle breeder and the richest among all the others who were in cattle business. He owned the largest livestock of all. He also owned a gymnasium for training young wrestlers there as Bheem Singh was also a former wrestler. The “Gang” of his wrestlers literally worshiped him and was readily available for a single wish uttered by Bheem Singh as he was not only their mentor but a provider too.

Bheem Singh lived in a grand majestic house with his wife Liladevi and the only ward, a daughter- Muniya. You should not try to get figured an image of any of the characters here as the whole family mentioned here, belonged to Omega Mu!! The family comprised of a caring, loving but little conservative heart cased in a whalaphant body of a father. There was a heiferish mother totally illiterate. She was blind faithed about her husband being God and as it’s said your affection towards something gets reflected in your creations; Muniya, as the name suggests could be a “House Wren” but because of Liladevi’s close attachment to her livestock, the daughter grew into a shape of a bufferilla!! She was still a princess of her father’s kingdom.

Muniya turned twenty three but was in college due to taking the moral-“slow and steady wins the race”- too seriously in case of studies. Giving high blood pressure to the faculties about how to make her learn or understand any academic subject as her brain also was supporting her physical characteristics. But due to Bheem Singh’s reputation, no one could refuse her admission or passing her out in results.
Everything in their life was going well and smooth until the day Muniya saw Tillu, popularly known as Tillu bhaiya- a TV cable service provider. One day, he visited Bheem Singh’s house to resolve his problem regarding some malfunctioning in reception. Muniya just arrived from college and suddenly she noticed this Monet in her house. He covered his thin rather extra thin body in three tiered attire. Face half covered due to sunglasses on though inside the house, chewing mint gum continuously and having had styled his hair with some gel. Muniya got stuck into his “Charismatic” personality; while on the other hand, Tillu was also clean bowled by looking at this enormous structure giving an affectionate and innocent gaze. The love at first sight just happened. (Lalala… lala… lalala… lala… lalala…lala…. played on television!!)

Their love started prospering day by day and after few months Tillu decided to propose for marriage. He proposed and as Muniya was waiting for the same, she grabbed it instantaneously. But the next moment, both realized that the marriage thing couldn’t be a duck soup due to the difference of the status they belonged to. Muniya was quite sure about her parents opposing the self-planned marriage. After few days mind boggling, both decided to run away and get married on their own.

They needed a full proof planning to execute their running away as well as a safe marriage. Safe because they were well aware about how influential Bheem Singh could be. They knew that the whole adventure could end up in state of despair if not planned well. Thus, both started managing things needed for their easy escape. Tillu arranged for a vehicle from a friend living in another town. Along with this, he managed for requirements of marriage rituals; he saved and collected some amount as well to survive for few months after marriage. He still couldn’t get an appropriate place to hide after getting married. As Muniya too was equally resourceful as her father, she got to find a place that is one of her friend’s farm house to stay safe and hidden till the time everything settles at her place.

One Sunday afternoon, Muniya went to market and didn’t return till evening. Worried Liladevi went to her room just to check if Muniya might have returned. Instead she found a note by Muniya asking for an apology for running away with her love of life-Tillu! Liladevi stumbling ran to Bheem Singh to show what had happened. Bheem Singh’s anger erupted. He ordered aloud to get Muniya and Tillu in front of him at the soonest. Police department also joined the search of lovebirds unofficially.

On the other hand, Tillu and Muniya after running reasonably away from the town got married in a small ceremony in presence of few friends and reached to the farm house fleetly. Both were little overconfident about Bheem Singh not finding them soon.

Two days passed quickly, Tillu bhaiya little frightened though! The next day, the Sun was at dawn when police reached the farm house, confirming all their investigations about the vehicle used, location, witnesses etc. They almost had caught Muniya and Tillu but it was Bheem Singh’s orders to catch them in his presence. He wanted to bring Muniya back to home without any noise and to hand over Tillu to his boys! Thus, police cordoned the place informing Bheem Singh about the location. Bheem Singh fled to the place when the Sun just had knocked the planet. The couple was still sleeping. Muniya half sleepily noticed some movement in the surroundings. She woke Tillu and he slowly peeped from the corner of a window in their room. Looking towards the gathering outside, he lost his senses all of a sudden and just could utter…..

……………“They have found us!”

But what a surprise, Muniya started thinking rapidly for the ways to get out of the situation. In no time, this great idea struck her. She literally ordered Tillu to bring all the bed sheets available. Tillu followed her. They tied all the sheets together to make a rope.

Here, outside the farm house, everyone was waiting for some action as a signal, confirming that Muniya and Tillu were inside. They dared not to tress pass the gate as the farm house belonged to a politician whom we could consider an Ace if Bheem Singh was a king in the pack. So, everyone found waiting a better option. They didn’t have to wait much as a constable came running with an information…

………..“They are trying to escape from the balcony in backyard.”

The whole lot rushed to backyard.

Here, in backyard, Muniya and Tillu hung the bad sheet rope to the ground from the balcony in the bed room at third floor just due to the doubt of being caught if took the main stairs. Tillu climbed down to the ground hastily. Muniya also followed him climbing down up to a floor. But, as the gravitational pull and Muniya’s mass worked all together on the poor sheet, it got torn out giving Muniya a swing and a bumpy landing on Tillu. Everyone who rushed to the backyard witnessed the leap a bufferilla shape took and they stood startled to see a massive landing of a drum on a drumstick!! Muniya just disembarked on Tillu turning him into a wreck. The moaning of his flattened body awoke them all. By the time, Tillu became unconscious.

This led to a chaotic agitation among them. Muniya started crying aloud. Bheem Singh got confused about what action should he take now? Police advised him to sort the situation among the family without their involvement in it. The gang of wrestlers brought along was waiting for the orders whether to make Tillu disappear from the location or they should be disappearing considering the weighty circumstances!!

It was in the evening when Tillu opened his eyes in a hospital with 32 fractures and Muniya sitting beside. But there was a little change in situation that Bheem Singh and Liladevi also had joined Muniya to bestow their son-in-low with blessings for getting well soon!

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